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Doctor proves Liver King’s abs are not fake with simple test

Doctor proves Liver King’s abs are not fake with simple test

It turns out that they are very much legit, according to this doctor

These days, you can achieve just about any look with the aid of plastic surgery.

While a lot of people spend hours upon hours in the gym to get their dream bodies, some people just get ab and peck implants, but not the Liver King, according to this doctor:

On the off chance that you're unfamiliar with him, let us explain.

The Liver King - real name Brian Johnson - uses social media to promote what's known as an 'ancestral lifestyle', and for him, this means making the unusual choice to eat raw organs and meat.

You can see why he's known as the Liver King now.

He's got a seriously lean physique, which some of his critics have speculated isn't real, but instead the result of plastic surgery.

However, he wanted to put these rumours to bed with a visit to plastic surgeon, Dr Daniel Barrett.

In the video, the doctor can be seen inspecting the Liver King's chest, pointing to his abs and explaining that they do not look the same on both sides.

"If these were abdominal implants," he said, "both sides would look like this. So you can see how it's different shaped."

He then asks the Liver King to move the weight he is holding from one hand to another, and his abs clench up on the other side.

"Now you can see the definition over here," the doctor explained, "but you don't see it over here. If he had implants, that would be all the way across."

The doctor has explained why the Liver King's abs are real.
TikTok / @barrettplasticsurgery

As you can imagine, the video went far from unnoticed after Dr Barrett posted it to TikTok five days ago, and it's been viewed over 10 million times.

Reacting to the video, one doubter wrote: "maybe try his 6 pack Implant [sic]."

A second observed: "liver king would be a good dwarf in lord of the rings [sic]."

Alongside laughing emoji, a third wrote: "He's trying his hardest to prove that he doesn't have any implants."

"If liver king is going to die it's probably gonna be from tape worms or something [sic]," wrote a fourth while a fifth added in all caps: "ROIDS."

"I'm generally confused on why he's even there," remarked a sixth.

Other viewers couldn't help but comment on the Liver King's height.

"Why did I think liver king was like 6'5?" one questioned. "Love that guy nonetheless."

"Liver king is 3 foot tall," added a second.

This video comes after the social media personality admitted to using steroids to enhance his physique and issued an apology to his fans.

Featured Image Credit: barrettplasticsurgery / TikTok

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