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High-end escort has been asked to do some strange role plays and says what most popular is

High-end escort has been asked to do some strange role plays and says what most popular is

She said the roleplay has sometimes left her feeling 'gross'

Human sexuality is a wonderful and often weird thing and now a high-end escort has lifted the lid on some of the weirdest roleplays she's ever been asked to do.

Sex worker Mia Liu made the revelation in an interview with LADbible and began by explaining that she once had a client ask her to pretend to be a cat.

"Unfortunately, I had to cancel that booking but they bought me cat ears," she said. "They wanted me to drink milk out of a little bowl and basically pretend to be a cat."

The escort, who charges £250 an hour for an in-call and £300 an hour for an outcall, continued: "That was odd, but it's not the oddest one I've ever had."

Mia explained that prior to becoming an escort, she worked in banking and finance for a number of years, but when her last monogamous relationship ended, she decided to experiment sexually.

This saw her attend a sex party in London, and after becoming increasingly involved in the 'hedonistic' lifestyle promoted at this party and similar, she ended up moving in with 'about five other escorts' during the pandemic.

Mia said that she soon became curious about the work and after deciding to give it a whirl, she quickly 'fell in love with it'.

The escort said she has to consider more unusual roleplays 'on request'.

The high-end escort said she has a detailed online profile which explains what she will do with clients, but stressed that anything particularly kinky or taboo is only 'considered on request', which leads us back to the bizarre roleplays she's been asked to do.

"Some odd [roleplays] have been foot fetish people," Mia said, "which are great fun because it's quite easy. I just lie back and get a foot massage.

"There was this one who liked literally licking the dirt off my feet."

She then explained that this particular client would ask her to go to the gym or go 'for a walk outside with no socks on' to ensure her feet were as dirty as possible prior to their session.

"I'd feel a bit gross," she admitted.

"School girl is quite a popular one," Mia added.

Mia said her one of her clients wanted her to be literally as dirty as possible.

She then debunked the misconception that all sex workers are forced into acts they don't want to do and she said she just 'refuses' to do things she's not into.

When asked if she feels judged for what she does, Mia said that the judgement she faces is minimal because she has done other things with her life.

The former chartered accountant explained: "Maybe if it was the whole of my life or if I hadn't had so much education, [it would be] very, very easy to quickly judge.

"Some people definitely find it uncomfortable talking about it."

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