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Fisherman makes catastrophic mistake after pumping $500 worth of petrol into wrong hole

Fisherman makes catastrophic mistake after pumping $500 worth of petrol into wrong hole

An unobservant fisherman wasted over $500 worth of petrol after he didn't pay attention to where he was pouring it

One very unfortunate fisherman in Sydney ended up wasting more than $500 worth of petrol after pouring it into the wrong hole in his boat by mistake.

Posting the video to Facebook, he warned fellow fishermen 'don't make this mistake ever' as he showed that he'd racked up a whopping $536.78 fuel bill on over 230 litres of petrol he couldn't even use.

This fuel-based foul up ended up occurring because the fisherman mistakenly inserted the pump into the wrong hole and didn't pay enough attention to what he was doing.

He revealed that he'd accidentally stuck his nozzle into a rod holder and ended up spilling litres of fuel all over the bottom, leaving him with a big job to clean it all up.

The video then showed the unfortunate fisherman hosing down his boat, which is advised when you've accidentally filled it with 231 litres of petrol which has spilled all over the floor and is liable to ignite with the slightest spark.

Over $500 spent and 231 litres of wasted petrol later, we hope the fisherman has learned a valuable lesson - don't stick your nozzle in the wrong hole.

The fisherman could only warn others not to follow his mistake and insist he 'thought this was the petrol' as he showed the camera the rod holder through which you could see the bottom of the boat.

Plenty of people have taken the opportunity to mock the man for his catastrophic error, with some wondering 'what was he doing while this much fuel was being pumped' and others claiming he had 'all the gear, no idea'.

Someone else said he was 'not the sharpest hook in the tackle box' while plenty wondered where he was looking while pouring over 230 litres of petrol that meant he didn't notice until he racked up over $500 in costs.

Others simply clowned on the guy because he 'drives a Patrol' which apparently 'says it all really' and supposedly means the owner is a 'brainless goldfish', which seems a bit harsh.

The fisherman had to hose down his boat to clean out all the petrol.

One person suggested the fisherman came dangerously close to winning a Darwin Award for failing to hear the petrol splashing around in the bottom of the boat or spilling out as just one little spark could have set him alight.

However, someone else remembered the time when they'd ruined their car by pumping diesel into a petrol tank and said 'mistakes happen'.

Another person commiserated with the unlucky guy and admitted this kind of problem was 'more common than you may think' and that it 'happens way too often'.

At least there are other people in the same boat.

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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