Iceland Is Flogging Marmite Brussels Sprouts For Christmas

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Iceland Is Flogging Marmite Brussels Sprouts For Christmas

Iceland and Marmite have joined forces to create the ultimate 'love them or hate them' food pairing for Christmas- Marmite smothered sprouts. What are you saying? Festive treat or crime against God?

As part of a 'Save our Sprouts' campaign, the supermarket and Marmite are hoping to get Brits loving the divisive vegetable again this year by covering them in Marmite butter. Please don't all send me death threats at once, but I actually think these sound pretty bloody good.

Research carried out for the campaign found that a whopping 54 percent of Brits reckon that sprouts are in danger of slipping off the traditional Christmas dinner forever. An additional 16 percent took this even further and said they think it would happen sooner rather than later, with Christmas Day 2020 being D-Day for green guys. A travesty, I'm sure you'll agree.

Around a third of Brits said they haven't served up sprouts in the past three years and 18 percent say they've never bought them in their lives.

Would you be willing to try Brussels sprouts in Marmite butter? Credit: Iceland
Would you be willing to try Brussels sprouts in Marmite butter? Credit: Iceland

In an attempt to boost their popularity, Iceland has decided to get Marmite involved - a foodstuff of equally love/hate proportions.

Wayen Edwards, director and co-founder of the The Food People, said: "Whether you love it or hate it, this tasty side dish from Iceland has a unique flavour profile that is a combination of umami, salt and yeast.

"Combining Brussels sprouts and Marmite draws out the natural sweetness of the vegetable, while suppressing some of the bitterness. Not only does this give the sprouts a real flavour boost, but the taste is similar to that achieved when pairing chocolate and salt together.


This type of 'flavour layering' gives the brain a positive biological response . The reason behind this is that in addition to being able to process sweet and salty flavours, our tongues also have additional sweetness receptors that activate only when sugar is in the presence of salt.


"Regardless of how contradictory it may seem, adding even a small amount of salt to food can make it taste even sweeter."

While Camilla Williamson, from Marmite, said that 'by bringing these two together we hope that two wrongs will make a right'.


Fuck it, mate, I'm in. If you're also keen, Iceland Marmite Sprouts cost £1.50 for a 400g bag and are on sale from 19 November.

Featured Image Credit: Iceland

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