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Glastonbury viewers spot absolute ‘legend’ having time of his life to Fred Again

Glastonbury viewers spot absolute ‘legend’ having time of his life to Fred Again

He was having the time of his life!

Viewers of Glastonbury on the television have all cottoned on to one individual who seemed to be having the time of their life during this year's legendary festival.

Glastonbury is once again underway, with thousands descending on the festival site for five days of music, arts, and partying. Let's just hope the weather holds out!

The BBC has been broadcasting its traditional coverage, which has become a staple of the summer TV. But among the smiling crowds waving their hands one person seems to have really stood out to viewers.

It was during the set of DJ Fred Again, who had the crowds throwing shapes in the sunshine. The camera was panning out over the crowd as the DJ pumped out music.

The camera then came to rest on one man who was having an absolute blast:

The gent, who looked a bit older than the people surrounding him, was strutting his stuff and having the time of his life to the energetic beats.

Just goes to show, 'young' is a state of mind.

People took to social media to heap their appreciation on the man after several people spotted him during the coverage of the set.

One wrote: "This guy at @fredagainagain1 is my hero!"

Another said: "Yep I clipped the same guy. Living his best life," and a third posted: "Anyone else notice this little legend? Absolutely loving life."

People even speculated that he may have been Happy Mondays icon Bez, though the speculation was quickly put to bed.

Another person jokingly exclaimed 'Dad?!' after seeing the reveller strutting his stuff at the iconic festival.

The festival is now well underway, running from Wednesday to next Monday.

Simply living his best life!

Headliners the Arctic Monkeys have already stolen the show, with the crowd going wild when they played their hit classic Mardy Bum.

There had been some speculation that the band would pull out of Glastonbury at the last minute.

Co-organiser Emily Eavis said: "“They're on.”

"It was a little bit close there for a minute and we were thinking about whether we should have a serious backup plan in place, but no, thankfully they're on, so that's great."

This year's line-up will see a number of high profile artists taking to the stage. Arctic Monkeys have already made an appearance, and the line up also includes Lizzo, Lewis Capaldi, Will Young, and Guns and Roses.

Crowds may also be in for a Rick Rolling as well as Rick Astley also features on the line-up.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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