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Terrifying moment man catches ventriloquist dummy moving on camera

Terrifying moment man catches ventriloquist dummy moving on camera

The 'haunted' doll was made by a WW2 prisoner of war

If you’re terrified of the occult, possession or any paranormal event, here’s your warning to click off and save your sanity because this is scary stuff.

Haunted dolls are the worst, as anyone who's seen The Conjuring will confirm.

Creepy dolls have apparently been known to move rocking chairs on their own and cause nausea for those who so much as look at a picture of them.

Joining the ranks of cursed dolls is Mr Fritz, a ventriloquist doll made by a prisoner at a German World War 2 camp.

This strange little man might seem harmless, but what Michael Diamond, 48, would soon find out is that he’s anything but innocent.

The 1940s doll came to him earlier this year and is displayed in a glass cabinet.

With CCTV overlooking the doll, no harm would come to it.

But harm could come from it.

When he noticed the door to the display cabinet kept opening up at night, he set up a GoPro camera to film it for two nights.

But he was left shaking after he captured the door opening and the doll's mouth and eyes moving on its own.

Michael was so freaked out that he has included a chain to the cabinet and covered it with a blanket to protect himself from this possessed entity.

Michael was left reeling by the doll. SWNS
Michael was left reeling by the doll. SWNS

The artefact collector said: "When I first watched the video back I had a weird feeling in my stomach.

“I wasn’t completely surprised because what has been happening with the door. At least once or twice a week I noticed the door kept coming off its latch.

"I decided to set up the camera for fun just to see if anything would happen. When something actually did I got a weird feeling in my gut, it’s hard to describe.

“I was really taken back by it and I did have a strange feeling. I wouldn’t say I’m scared of Mr Fritz but I am wary of it.”

Mr Fritz is thought to have been made up American prisoner at Stalag II-B, a German World War II camp and Michael believes the prisoner worked as a ventriloquist before being captured.

The doll allegedly was made by a prisoner of war. SWNS
The doll allegedly was made by a prisoner of war. SWNS

The haunted doll was allegedly taken to America after the end of the war, before making its way to the UK.

Michael said: “The door was being opened once or twice a week and I knew it was strange. You can see on the first night the door swing open.

“On the next night you can see the eyes move before the door opens and again afterwards. The eyes flicker and his mouth moves up and down slightly.

“My wife and daughter both hate it. I get why people don’t like it and think it might be scary but I’m not intimidated by it.

"What’s the explanation is the one million dollar question isn’t it?

“There are no open windows in the room and no airflow. The door is on a latch so shouldn’t just swing open."

Now that’s creepy.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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