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Expert shares how much sex you need to 'stay healthy', according to your age

Expert shares how much sex you need to 'stay healthy', according to your age

Apparently not having enough sex could be bad for your heart

Happy sex, happy life. I don’t just mean having a quickie with your partner when working from home, even if it is fun to do.

But that sex is actually good for you. And that’s a fact.

A Chinese medicine expert has shared how much sex you need to ‘stay healthy’, according to your age.

The founder of The Eastern Philosophy, Nina Cheng often shares TikToks about traditional Chinese health remedies from preventing ‘hangovers and drunkenness’ to ‘how to stop a cold’.

And in a recent video, she shared that ‘insufficient sex is also considered a cause of disease in Chinese medicine’.

So basically, if you’re not having enough sex, or just enough orgasms, you’re apparently missing out on health benefits.

Not enough sex could mean you're missing out on health benefits.
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It has previously been said by medical herbalist Giovanni Maciocia that ‘insufficient sex is often a cause of disease akin to emotional stress, especially in Western women’.

Cheng writes that orgasms release the ‘beneficial Yang energy, enhancing Qi flow’.

The expert also added that: “Ancient Chinese physicians believed that women were more likely to experience greater sexual frustration since they were subject to different societal norms and may not have felt as permitted to express themselves sexually compared to men.”

So overall, none of us should be hiding away from having a ‘sufficient’ amount of sex according to Chinese medicine.

Cheng says: “This activity affects the mind and particularly impacts the heart and pericardium.”

There’s a specific 2,000-year-old sexology text, named Su Nu Jing, that recommends how often you should be having an orgasm according to your age:

20 year-old: Every 4 days

30 year-old: Every 8 days

40 year-old: Every 16 days

50 year-old: Every 21 days

60 year-old: Every 30 days

Cheng goes on to recommend various herbal remedies to help with our sex lives and reproductive health.

Sufficient sex for your age is recommended.
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This includes:

· Fu Yin Tai to relieve genital itching and dry dampness.

· Baifeng Wan / Bak Foong to help balance women’s hormones, regulate periods, relieve cramps and address ‘cold uterus’.

· Sufian’s ‘China Bush’ to address premature ejaculation.

· Vitality Plus to support men’s vitality and increase testosterone.

Are you taking notes?

The NHS also say that having an active sex life can provide health benefits such as ‘improving the condition of your heart, reducing stress and improving mental health’. It also adds that being in a happy and healthy relationship can also reduce depression and anxiety.

However, you should obviously practice safe sex to stop yourself actually getting ill with sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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