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Man's skull opened four times by doctors so they're able to wash his brain after mystery accident

Man's skull opened four times by doctors so they're able to wash his brain after mystery accident

A man has undergone a lengthy surgical process after a mystery incident

A man from New York had his skull removed a total of four times so that doctors could wash his brain, after he got into a skateboarding accident and contracted a deadly infection.

Brandon Alexander has had the condition for over four years, undergoing several different surgeries and treatments following a mystery incident that he can't remember.

In the freak accident, Brandon suffered a brain injury in October 2019, waking up three days later in a hospital with no recollection of how he got there.

Last September, he underwent his latest operation, which left him with large swelling over his left eye, as an infection filled his head with fluid.

The video creator was rushed to hospital after feeling his 'heartbeat inside his head' and feeling that his 'brain was doing backflips' when he 'tried to sleep' but couldn't.

"I had this drain, a JP drain, that was in my head that should've been taken out before I left the hospital but they said they would leave it in since it was the only thing keeping me in the hospital after my 'face lift' surgery. It felt like my brain was doing backflips and I could hear my heartbeat in my head. I tried to sleep but I couldn't."

Alexander has now undergone multiple brain surgeries, which include three skull replacements and facial reconstruction surgeries.

Brandon Alexander has undergone numerous brain surgeries since his accident.
mediadrumimages/ @goforbrandon

He was diagnosed with a post-surgical site infection under his artificial skull by doctors at New York University Hospital.

It meant that he would need another surgery where his skull would be removed yet again, so his brain could be washed.

In a TikTok video the day before he underwent a fourth skull removal, Brandon said: "They thought I was having a stroke so rushed me to get a CT scan.

"They found an infection underneath my artificial skull implant that was rapidly progressing and a physician's assistant came over and broke the news that I would need surgery. My girlfriend said she just watched my life fall apart because what having a skull removed means is having to start over again, everything has to start over."

Truly heartbreaking.

Brandon has now undergone four separate brain surgeries.
mediadrumimages/ @goforbrandon

Following his latest surgery, doctors successfully washed his brain and placed 89 staples in his head.

The positive here is that Alexander's inability to fall asleep was revealed to have saved his life as he may not have woken up again if he got some shut-eye.

With his next brain surgery pencilled in for April 2024, Brandon said: "I now don’t have a skull but they did replace my skull with a titanium mesh, so it can act as a skull until I have my next brain surgery in April 2024. On November 21st my round of antibiotics finished and now I have to wait six months to a year for a new skull, as they want to ensure the infection is gone completely before I can get a new skull and ear implant. Now I've got two surgeries left if all goes to plan, one to fix my head and face in the process, as well as a new implant."

Alexander's girlfriend launched a GoFundMe to raise money for his medical bills, which you can donate to here.

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum/@goforbrandon/Instagram

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