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Expert shares how to ‘Uno Reverse card’ a narcissist

Expert shares how to ‘Uno Reverse card’ a narcissist

He's shared how to turn the tables

An expert has explained how to Uno Reverse card narcissists to gain the upper hand.

Richard Grannon, whose YouTube channel promises to help viewers ‘help identify, get away and stay away from narcissistic abuse and heal from trauma', shared a clip in which he explained how pulling an ‘Uno Reverse’ could be the solution to tackling a narcissist.

As the name suggests, Grannon urges people to simply turn the tables on narcissists and ‘devalue’ and ‘discard’ them before they do the same to you, which may seem a bit harsh - but Grannon insists it works.

In the video he explains: “Now, when I say the reverse Uno card, what do I mean? If you do that to them - if you devalue and you discard them, and when you devalue them… look, you can’t fake it.

“This is a very childish and impressionable personality disorder, it’s not particularly street smart or savvy or good with people, which is why it’s maladaptive and why they have so much trouble.

"But they do understand meta communication very well because they are hyper vigilant.

An expert has suggested using the Uno Reverse card on narcissists.

“Meta communication is not the content of what you’re saying, so much as the way you are saying it: your register, your volume, your body language, your micro expressions on your face, everything else.”

Grannon goes on to say that your devaluation of them must be done genuinely to work so that they are able to pick up these ‘meta communications’.

“If you genuinely devalue them, it will show in your meta communication,” he said.

“If you genuinely start looking at them, like, ‘wow I thought you were really smart but it’s becoming apparent you’re a bit of a dummy’ or ‘I thought you were really compelling or powerful or charismatic and it turns out you’re actually quite a dull fraudulent charlatan, who repeats themselves a lot and tells lots of lies’, then they’re automatically and spontaneously going through the devaluation phase.

"They’ll feel that and it will put them into an anxiety.

"It starts to create narcissistic mortification, if you then ultimately go from devaluing, which is what they were going to do to you, and you discard them.”

He says that this should be done in an unemotional way as narcissists ‘don’t care whether you love them or you hate them, as long as they are significant’, but by rendering them insignificant in your life you’ll send them into a panic.

Featured Image Credit: @the_bat_wolf/tiktok/twitter/uno

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