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Uno has sequel to classic card game called Dos

Uno has sequel to classic card game called Dos

Dos (get it?!) is a follow-up card game to Uno

Many of you will have grown up enjoying the fast-paced childhood staple that is Uno, the game that is nostalgic as it is intense.

But if those well-worn cards of yours could do with a break, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a sequel to the classic game – and it’s got a great name.

Billed as Uno’s ‘new best friend’, Dos (get it?!) is a follow-up card game for two-to-four players aged seven and up.

As with its predecessor, players have to try and be the first to get rid of all their cards, with special WILD cards switching up the gameplay.

Dos is the follow-up to Uno.

“In this fun card game, two is more important than one, and number matching is king!” Mattel, which manufactures the game, says.

“Just like UNO, DOS involves a race to be the first to get rid of your cards. To start, there are two discard piles between the players.

“On each player's turn they can discard on either pile with either one or two cards, so if a player has two cards that add up to the number of a card in the center pile, they are able to put down BOTH cards.

“When you're down to two cards, don't forget to yell 'DOS!' The first person to 200 points is the winner!”

The game has an RRP of £20.08, but is currently being sold by Mattel on Amazon for just £6.20.

You can buy the game on Amazon for just £6.20.

After being released in 2018, Dos has clearly become a firm favourite in many households, with countless five and four-star reviews online.

One person wrote: “It's a good sequel to the UNO game, with a bit of similarity but plenty of new cards and rules. It does take a bit of getting used to, but I'd recommend trying it.”

Another agreed that it was ‘quite difficult to understand at first’, but found it ‘fun’ once they got into it.

A third said: “Our Uno deck was getting a bit scruffy as it’s been played 100’s of times over a number of years so I bought this as a replacement.

“I was so impressed when it arrived that I bought another as a gift.

Dos is already a firm favourite in many households.

“It comes in a lovely tin which I’m sure will stand the test of time better than the regular box packaging. It also comes with a pencil and handy score sheets! Brilliant!”

Someone else even said it was ‘better than Uno’, writing: “Played it with my younger siblings (aged 6 and 8), and they understood the objective of the game with relative ease.

“I believe the game is more engaging than Uno given the slightly increased complexity, and overall a fun light game to play.

“The initial point target is 200 to win, however with less than 4 players, it can be reduced to 180 or 150 depending on how long you want the game to go on for.”

Featured Image Credit: Wachiwit / Alamy Mattel

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