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'Self-aware narcissist' shares the two main things narcissists 'hate' about other people

'Self-aware narcissist' shares the two main things narcissists 'hate' about other people

He laid out the two things he as a narcissist could not abide seeing other people doing

A 'self-aware narcissist' has revealed that there are two things you can do which they really 'hate' to see.

There are a number of narcissistic content creators, and some have made it their mission to explain what's going on inside their heads so we can better understand.

Some of them help you figure out whether you might be a narcissist or not, while others are more focused on the signs you'd need to spot in other people.

TikToker @the_bat_wolf says on his channel that he's a 'self-aware narcissist' and has a plethora of videos dedicated to explaining how narcissists think and the ways you might spot narcissistic behaviour.

In one of them he lays out two major things that people can be which really wind up narcissists.

Getting too happy? They don't want to see that.
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"Number one, we don't like to see you happy. That is just out of control not something that we want to see," he said on his first point.

"I don't want, as a self-aware narcissist, I don't want to see you happy. I don't want to see you doing better than me, like I literally just can't stand it.

"It's one of the most hurtful things that can happen to me in my life, to see you successful or happy because that means I'm not happy.

"That means somehow you were able to get over on me and it means you were in control and I'm not in control and that is absolutely something that I cannot abide, that is absolutely something I cannot stand."

That wasn't all he had to say, as you were promised two factoids about narcissists and you'll get them both.

They also don't want you to be too successful, as they reckon that means you don't need them.
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"Number two, the second thing I hate as a narcissist, something I cannot abide or stand, is for you to be successful," he continued.

"I don't want you to be successful, I don't want you to be able to move on without me, I don't want you to be able to succeed without me.

"Because that means you don't need me and I need you to need me."

It paints a rather grim picture of narcissists that they don't like you to be happy or successful, and this is coming from a 'self-aware narcissist'.

Elsewhere on the internet, YouTuber Richard Grannon claims that if you want to 'Uno Reverse' a narcissist and get the upper hand on them then you should 'devalue' and 'discard' them.

That sounds a bit harsh and like something that ought not to be done to anyone you wanted to stay in touch with, and Grannon says your dismissal has got to be 'genuine' so your message doesn't get muddled.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@the_bat_wolf

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