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Expert recommends doing ‘Damp January’ if Dry January sounds too daunting

Expert recommends doing ‘Damp January’ if Dry January sounds too daunting

If Dry January doesn't sound like your thing, you could always try 'Damp' January instead

It's almost the end of 2023 and that means you've probably got a big party planned for New Year's Eve.

However, as the cold light of a new day - and indeed a new year - dawns in January, you might find yourself coming up with a list of resolutions.

One popular trend people like to give a go in the first month of the year is Dry January, basically meaning they don't drink any alcohol at all for the whole month, or at least try not to.

Quitting alcohol for 31 days will have quite a drastic impact on your body, and you'll get better levels of energy and concentration.

You'll also likely find that you sleep better, and your complexion might even clear up a bit as well.

"One glass each, that's what we agreed on."
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That all sounds great, though in the early days you might feel a bit miserable thanks to some withdrawal symptoms from ditching the alcohol so suddenly.

Dry January is easier said than done though, as completely ditching alcohol for an entire month can be a big ask if you're a regular drinker.

With that in mind, an expert has suggested 'Damp January' as an alternative.

According to the Washington Post, Dr Katie Witkiewitz of the University of New Mexico has said that any reduction in alcohol intake will have benefits for you, so if you can't go completely dry, then going 'damp' might be enough.

There are a few ways you can cut down without going cold turkey altogether.

"Can you make mine a shandy please? I'm trying to do Damp January."
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One of the main ways is to only drink at special occasions, so if there are birthdays or major events you're going to in January, then you could let yourself drink on those days - while holding yourself to the promise of not quaffing alcohol for the rest of the month.

Alternatively, if you've not got much on in January then you could pencil in a selection of 'dry days' in the month where you promise not to drink.

If that doesn't sound like your thing, then you might like to just cut down on the amount you drink when you are in the mood to imbibe.

Just think about your alcohol intake and figure out a way to reduce it, two glasses of wine can become one or a pint might become a shandy.

Of course, experts would recommend that you cut down in both volume and the number of days you drink, so maybe this year give Damp January a go.

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