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The different type of hangover you get depending on your alcoholic drink of choice

The different type of hangover you get depending on your alcoholic drink of choice

Please drink responsibly, and know what sort of hangover you'll get from drinking

Since it's the season to be jolly there's likely to be a lot of merry-making pencilled in for the next few days.

Of course if you overdo it then you could wake up on Boxing Day with the world's worst hangover.

Now please do remember to drink responsibly, and also know that your drink of choice plays into the kind of hangover you're going to get.

Experts have found that your drink will determine how severe the hangover you're going to get is, and how it's going to affect you.

Beer is not the worst thing you could drink this Christmas, but it's certainly not the best if you want to dodge a hangover.
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One of the worst drinks for a really bad hangover is actually Prosecco, as the bubbles of Co2 will help your body absorb the alcohol faster and it then competes with oxygen in your bloodstream, which can cause terrible headaches.

Let's start on the easier side of things, lighter spirits such as vodka and gin contain less of the chemicals that cause hangovers so if you do overdo it this Christmas your punishment probably won't last all that long.

Of all the drinks you could down this Christmas, vodka will probably give you the easiest ride when you wake up the next morning.

If you've been chugging pints of beer then you're likely to feel a bit tired the next day, but you should hopefully avoid the feelings of sickness or the banging headache more traditionally associated with hangovers.

Speaking of banging headaches, if you want one with your hangover then red wine is the way to go.

Meanwhile, if sir or madam prefers feeling sick to their stomach then they should try the white wine instead, as that's far more likely to leave them with feelings of heartburn and nausea.

If your drink has bubbles, you're in trouble. Or something along those lines.
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We've already explained why overdoing it on the Prosecco, or any bubbly drink of alcohol really, is a bad idea if you don't want a bad hangover.

These drinks also have quite a bit of sugar in them, which can lead to you crashing the next day and having one hell of a desire to eat.

You might have heard that darker spirits will give you a worse hangover than lighter ones, and that's true.

If you're on the whisky then you're drinking something with a lot of congeners, which make hangovers worse as they take a long time for the body to break down, meaning your hangover will last longer too.

The worst drink for congeners is brandy, which will give you an incredibly punishing hangover which really sticks around to mess up your day.

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