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Heinz is releasing hash brown fingers filled with baked-beans

Heinz is releasing hash brown fingers filled with baked-beans

We're relishing over this.

Fans will be delighted to know that Heinz is releasing hash browns filled with baked beans to take their potato game to a whole new level.

Normally you'd have these two separately, but some genius in the food lab thought they would be better together. We’re absolutely drooling over the thought of this.

While baked bean jaffles and baked bean quesadillas have taken the culinary world by storm, who would’ve thought delicious baked bean hash brown would’ve been on the cards?

Iceland Foods made the big announcement on social media and the internet was understandably shook.

One person wrote: “​​I’d scoff a whole damn bag of these without thinking twice

Another shared: “Whattttttt these might go ballistic.”

A third person commented: “The British empire is back.”

However, some weren’t particularly excited about the new food fusion as one person wrote: “Imagine being England, literally colonizing every corner of the globe for centuries, and still considering this ‘food’”.

Another said: “Please … haven’t we suffered enough at the hands of the English.”

While a third person: “I don’t want to be anywhere near whoever eats this.”

We understand that some aren’t adventurous when it comes to expanding their palette, but honestly, sprinkle a Parmigiano Reggiano, a little bit of tomato sauce, and these bad boys would go down a treat.

In other food news, TGI Fridays has released its Cookie Dough Pie which comes with milk and white chocolate chunks.

Excuse me while I dash to my nearest grocer.

This release of the delicious dessert was announced via NewFoodUK, which had many users salivating at the mouth.

One person wrote: “I could do with a few of these!”

Another commented: “The Internet listens as we talk.”

While another shared: “Oh wow.”

Could’ve have put it better myself!

Featured Image Credit: Iceland/Twitter

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