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Instagram users confused as people suddenly start commenting in gifs

Instagram users confused as people suddenly start commenting in gifs

Some people think it's 'ruining' the comments section

For those of you who thought gifs were dead, think again - they're back, and not just in your family WhatsApp group chat.

Rumours have been circulating that Meta is set to introduce a new feature that allows Instagram users to comment with the animated images, much like people do on Twitter and Facebook.

And it looks like that time has arrived - kinda - and it's left everyone feeling a tad confused.

Though there's no official announcement from the social media giant, business blog Wealth wrote earlier today (17 February): "Meta is rolling out the ability to comment on Instagram posts with animated GIFs.

"Users will now be able to post GIF reactions on the comment section, making conversations on the social media platform possibly more fun.

Have you been given the gift of gifs?

"Do you have the ability to comment a gif yet?!"

Some users have clearly already been given the gift of gifs, as demonstrated in a recent Pubity post about Billie Eilish.

The post itself centres on the claim that police stopped by the singer's home after receiving a phone call from an apparent prankster.

In the comments section, one person simply shared a gif of Jimmy Fallon saying: "Wow, that's crazy." Another uploaded one of Eilish saying the same thing.

People are divided about the update.

If you scroll down, you'll see an overwhelming number of animated pics in there, leaving many people with questions.

"How y'all commenting in gifs?" asked one, alongside a series of crying emojis.

Another said: "What in the new Instagram update is that," and a third added, "These gifs came out of no where bro."

While some want to know how to do it, others aren't so keen on the update.

"Anyone here who thinks the gifs are annoying," wrote one user. "Not the same anymore."

A second chimed in to accuse gifs of 'ruining comments'.

We're not entirely sure why people are against the idea, although it appears that the images are coming up blank for some users, making it look a little spammy.

It appears that the images are coming up blank for some users.

The conversation has spilled over to Twitter, with one writing: "Instagram really does not need gif comments."

"Man Instagram need to take them damn GIFs down off the comments," said another. "This is not Facebook."

"I don’t like it," added a third. "Comment sections are now cluttered."

Whether you're a fan or not, it looks like there's still some tweaking to do until the feature is rolled out to everyone.

LADbible has contacted Instagram for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Iain Masterton/Alamy Stock Photo/Instagram

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