Thumbs Up Kid From Famous Gif Now Works For Facebook


Thumbs Up Kid From Famous Gif Now Works For Facebook

A boy who became a meme after giving an over-exaggerated thumbs up on camera has now landed a job working for social media giant Facebook.

Brent Rambo - who also has a cool name, worthy of being a well-known meme - shot to internet fame by taking part in a promotional video for Apple computers back in the early 1990s.

At the end of the video, Rambo can be seen having a whale of a time while using a Mac computer, and writing to then-CEO John Sculley to tell him how much he likes the machine.

He said: "Dear Mr Sculley, Mac rules the world. Your Mac friend, Brent Rambo."


Then, in a moment that he presumably didn't realise would change his life, he gave a ridiculously overstated thumbs up to the camera.

You know the one.


Since then, it's become a staple internet reaction and can be easily found on the GIPHY keyboard.

That GIPHY keyboard, incidentally, is now owned by Rambo's current employer.

On Friday morning, Instagram employer Benny Wong shared a picture of Rambo, writing: "TIL [today I learned] this guy works at Facebook."


That was the cue for many other people working in the social media world to chime in with their own stories of learning about Rambo's dual life as an internet meme.

Facebook staff member Sara Zhang wrote: "He was in my new hire class and I was shook too,"

Another employee wrote: "You should look up the welcome post on Workplace.

"Everyone had a day with that one."


Workplace, for the uninitiated, is Facebook's work connectivity platform.

Rambo's employment at Facebook has also been confirmed by noted tech leaker Jane Manchun Wong.

He's even recreated the scene as an adult. Credit: Reddit
He's even recreated the scene as an adult. Credit: Reddit

However, this isn't some big secret leak - it's actually right there on Rambo's LinkedIn page if you care to track that down.


To be fair, it looks like he's doing really well for himself as well. Since January he's been working as the company's director of network engineering and infrastructure.

His career has taken him from dotcom start-ups in the early 2000s to vice-president of technology at Sony Online Entertainment, and he was eventually tracked down by Reddit users after turning up in a behind-the-scenes video.

He then showed up to answer a few questions and said that he still has a great love for Mac products.

While he admitted he's 'just a tech junkie' rather than a complete Mac devotee, Macbook is 'without a doubt [his] favourite system to travel with'.

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