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Eight-Year-Old Child Genius Is Off To University

Eight-Year-Old Child Genius Is Off To University

He finished six years' worth of schooling in just 18 months

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Get ready to feel intellectually inferior, because this eight-year-old is off to university after finishing school 10 years early.

Laurent Simons, from Belgium, picked up his diploma surrounded by 18-year-olds and will be off to university after a two month break from learning. I feel like someone should warn him that without booze uni will be awful.


Little Laurent says his favourite subject is maths 'because it's so vast, there's statistics, geometry, algebra'.

He has an IQ of 145 and, according to the BBC, it took him just 18-months to finish six years' worth of schooling. An IQ of 140 and above is classed as 'genius', in case you were wondering.

Laurent says he has considered careers as a surgeon or an astronaut, but now plans on going into computers.

His dad doesn't mind what he ends up doing, telling Belgium's RTBF radio: "If he decided tomorrow to become a carpenter, that would not be a problem for us, as long as he is happy."

Laurent isn't the first kid to boast a high IQ at such a tender age. Over in Australia, Sharvin Jeyendran was just 14 when he was tested and shown to have an IQ of 168 - for some context, the late professor Stephen Hawking's is said to have been 160.

Sharvin's proud mum Deva told 9 News that he could hold a proper conversation at nine months, saying: "He started talking like a normal child - like how a two or three-year-old could speak with a proper sentences and grammar.

"We were encouraging him, so I think if any parents will do this and need to do this, kids' brains are like sponge, they will absorb whatever."

And young Sharvin has high hopes for his abilities, telling the news outlet: "When I grow up I want to be a biological scientist, I want to try find a cure for cancer.

9 News

"I also want to be a marine biologist to explore the seas and also have my own charity for all the poor people in the world."

No pressure there then, mate.

Featured Image Credit: RTV

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