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Stretch Could Help You Stop Headaches And Migraines Before They Happen

Stretch Could Help You Stop Headaches And Migraines Before They Happen

The Headache Doctor prescribes physical therapy to alleviate the pain of headaches and migraines

A doctor who specialises in headaches has provided a stretch that could help to prevent tension headaches and migraines before they even come about.

If that's something that interests you, have a peep at the video below and give it a go.

It's horrible having a headache, isn't it? It's even worse getting a migraine.

They can leave you absolutely screwed for the entire day, or potentially even more, with only your bed, a darkened room, and some painkillers to help you out of it.

However, there could be a way you can head them off - pun completely intended - at the pass.

That's if TikTok user @theheadachedoctor is to be believed.

To be fair, he's a doctor of physical therapy, and therefore might have an idea what he is talking about.

He's here to tell everyone about a stretch that can help alleviate the symptoms when you feel them coming on.

He claims his patients have reaped the benefits.

In the video, he asks: "Have you ever wondered what you can do aside from medication or going to the emergency room, that can help mitigate the pain of a migraine right when you feel it happening?"

The emergency room sounds a bit extreme, but let's go with it.

He continued: "I'm going to show you what to do - this is what I've found to be the most helpful exercise stretch for patients right when they feel a headache coming on."

OK, let's get to it.

"It's all about reducing the amount of tension in the sub-suboccipital area in the back of the head," he said.

"I want you to lie on your back, tuck your chin as far as you can and barely lift so you feel a stretch right here."

At that point, he showed the side of his head behind his ear, in case you've not checked the video out just yet.

There's where you want to feel it.

He concluded: "Hold it for maybe five seconds."

There's actually quite a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that this physical therapy approach could be useful, and is therefore worth learning a bit about if you're someone who suffers from this sort of affliction.

The Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute website states: "Certain physical therapy techniques used during a headache (especially at the beginning) can help to reduce the pain of the attack at least temporarily."

However, it's just some migraines that they will really be able to help out with.

The website also warns: "Whereas medications affect the central nervous system in an attempt to address dysfunction, physical therapy primarily involves work on the muscles and joints in the peripheral system.

"This means that how an individual migraine sufferer responds to physical therapy depends partly on the extent to which the muscles and joints are involved in his or her headache.

"For the individual experiencing an infrequent, classic migraine headache (i.e., one that occurs once a month or so, with clear triggers and neurologic accompaniments such as aura), the benefits of physical therapy are limited."

Give it a go, what harm could it do?

That said, some of those who've seen the video on TikTok are convinced.

One wrote: "Yes!!! Had one for a few days and this helped."

Another said: "I love these stretches. I really notice a difference with the chin tuck and turn and can hear the crunchiness of the adhesions breaking up."

A third wrote: "You have helped me so much with my migraines I've suffered for over 30 years.

"All your education has kept me from migraines even starting."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theheadachedoctor

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