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A Vietnamese Hairdresser Is Doing Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Haircuts

A Vietnamese Hairdresser Is Doing Donald Trump And Kim Jong-Un Haircuts

The distinctive styles are being offered for free

It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of asking your hairdresser for the same haircut over and over, afraid to change things up. That said, they're bound to be more than a little shocked if you stroll in for your next appointment and say, 'I want a Kim Jong-un all over please'.

However, that is just the cut being offered up by a hairdresser in Vietnam.

Le Tuan Duong has also been doing Donald Trump barnets in Hanoi ahead of the leaders' summit in the city.

Better still, Duong's beauty academy has been cutting the political perms completely free of charge. So forget short back and sides, the real question for the people of Hanoi has been whether to go for a Donald do or a Kim cut.

Nine-year-old To Gia Huy decided to plump for the latter and said he hoped to meet the North Korean leader during his visit to the city.

To Gia Huy said he often gets told he looks like the North Korean leader.

According to Sky News, he said: "Many people say that I look like Kim Jong-un, especially when I have this hairstyle."

Conclusion - having a Kim Jong-un haircut makes you look more like Kim Jong-un.

Indeed, Mr Duong said the Kim cut had proven more popular with punters on the whole and he said the style represents youth, while Trump's represents power.

But not everyone went for the hip and happening North Korean's hairdo, with many going for the slimy, copper quiff of The Donald.

Not sure that is quite the same as The Donald's do, but hey.

Motorcycle taxi driver Le Phuc Hai, 66, was one such punter. Explaining his choice, he reasoned: "I really like Donald Trump so I want to have (his) hairstyle."

So apparently if you really like someone, you should want their hairstyle... good job I really like The Rock/Bruce Willis/bald men.

Mr Duong decided to provide the political haircuts as a symbol of peace.

He said: "Hanoi is a city of peace. When Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un decide to come here to talk about restoring peace, I think I should do something to show that Hanoi people welcome the summit."

Back in my day nine-year-olds used to get the Nike swoosh shaved into the sides of their heads.

It's certainly a novel way of marking the summit, but then I guess as a hairdresser you are sort of limited in terms of how you can pay tribute; via haircuts is pretty much the logical means.

And while both leaders are extremely controversial, they are undeniably the political front-runners when it comes to distinctive hairdos.

After all, if you're going to get the haircut of a big time politician, you want people to notice. Turn up to a party with a fresh Michel Barnier and nobody will have a fucking clue.

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