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Woman Reveals 'The Best Question' To Ask In A Job Interview

Tom Wood

| Last updated 

Woman Reveals 'The Best Question' To Ask In A Job Interview

A woman has offered up her idea for the perfect question that prospective employees should ask during a job interview if they want to land the gig. You can see what you think by watching the video below.


The TikTok user who shared the video initially - a woman who goes by the username @ninasung - believes she's figured out the formula for the best question to ask those hiring at an interview.

See you reckon to it.


She said: "Guys, I figured out the best question to ask during a job interview to get the job.

"I'm applying all the tactics in sales, persuasion, negotiation, all of them, to craft this perfect question.

"It's super likely that you'll have an opportunity to ask questions at the very end of the interview, and don't forget to ask this question so that you can ensure that you actually get the job."

She then went on to detail exactly what the question is.

Credit: TikTok/@ninasung
Credit: TikTok/@ninasung

Here we go.

"Basically, you want the person who is interviewing you to fill in their reasons as to why you should take the job," she started.

"It's like sale, you don't want to hand someone the reasons why they should buy something, you want to lead them so that they make their own reasons to buy it.


"So, the question is - 'how important is it to you that this be taken by someone who is...' then talk about something that is very specific and unique to you.

"Which - by now - should have already been addressed.

"If you're really data driven, if you're very competitive, if you're a team player, that's what you should ask."

OK, sounds like a fairly smart plan. Unless they are expecting that sort of thing, and have figured it all out.


Maybe the people doing the interview have TikTok? Maybe your specialist skill just isn't top of the list of important traits?

Even so, you have to admit it's a pretty clever strategy, and should allow you to at least keep yourself in the mind of the interviewer once you leave.

Credit: TikTok/@ninasung
Credit: TikTok/@ninasung

However, not everyone is so impressed.


One person commented: "HR will see right through this tactic and it makes you look simple.

"It's clearly important for the company to have qualifications or they wouldn't be hiring."

Fair point, well made.

Some folks are on board with the tactic, though.

Another said: "You would make an amazing sales/career coach."

A third wrote: "This is amazing. Love it. Thanks a lot."

Why not give it a try next time you have a job interview. What's the worst that could happen?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ninasung

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Tom Wood
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