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People Are Horrified By American Woman Trying Tea For The First Time Ever

People Are Horrified By American Woman Trying Tea For The First Time Ever

She gave the whole experience a zero out of 10 because the tea didn't 'dissolve'.

The internet is absolutely shook after an American woman attempted to make a cup of tea and made a colossal mistake.

 In a TikTok video posted by Emily Zugay, the young woman decided to indulge in a bit of British culture and make herself a cuppa for the very first time.

She says in the video: “Today I’m taste testing tea because I’ve never had any before. I’m trying sleepy time tea, and I got the big one because I’m assuming I’ll like it.”

It's a shock that someone hasn't had a cup of tea at that age, but here we are.

The woman held up the tea bag while telling viewers: "I’ve got this side of the package, it’s just a square of tea."

She added: "I think it’s pretty self-explanatory."

However, the woman picked up a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off the top of the tea bag, before pouring all of the leaves into her hot cup of water. Horrifying.

“Alright so you stir it around, and I’m assuming it’ll dissolve into the tea at some point, just in a couple of minutes,” she says in the video.

Unsurprisingly, the tea leaves did not dissolve; however, it does not deter the TikTokker from still having a sip.

“It’s been a few minutes, and nothing has happened; I tried it, obviously, and it’s a total mess. They really need to make something that contains it. Otherwise, it just goes everywhere,” she says.

Emily Zugay/TikTok

Ummmm…you mean like a tea bag? What’s next you're going to invent a machine that washes clothes? Or a square box that transmits moving images?

She concluded the video by giving her tea experience a rating out of 10. Because of the rank delivery method of flavoured water she gave it a zero.

The video has understandably left viewers horrified, as one person wrote: “As a British man this hurt.”

Another commented: “As a tea drinker. This made me so uncomfortable. Like watching a horror movie. Well done.”

While another jokingly said: “You were supposed to use a fork to stir it. makes it dissolve faster.”

It's worth pointing out that Emily Zugay is also the woman who went viral for posting logo redesigns in the driest possible way. So this whole 'I don't know how to make tea because I've never had it before' thing could just be a total troll.

Similarly, a US woman left tea lovers traumatised last year after boiling water with the tea infuser - and tea - inside.

She then asked her followers if they could spot the 'major flaw' with her new fancy electric kettle, to which one person wrote: “Please tell me you're joking? Kettles are for water."

Another pointed out: "You're meant to put the tea in after it's boiled. User error 100 per cent."

While a third person told the woman: "You're not meant to boil the tea leaves.”

Honestly, this should be a crime.

Featured Image Credit: emily.zugay / TikTok.

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