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Professor Says Adding Milk Before Water Improves The Flavour Of Tea

Professor Says Adding Milk Before Water Improves The Flavour Of Tea

Well this is certainly controversial

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Brace yourselves, because I've got some news for you that might make you spit out your tea - a professor is claiming that to make the most delicious brew you might need to add the milk first.

Professor Alan Mackie, from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds University, has said those living in hard water areas should add the milk before the boiling water to improve the taste.

Professor Mackie explains: "Flavour by and large is produced by the different compounds in tea including tannins in particular.

"The more minerals present in water the more difficult it is for these compounds to develop the flavour - resulting in the dull cuppas you get in hard water areas.

"Making tea the traditional way - steeping a bag in hot water before removing it and adding milk - results in the tannins turning into solids before they can develop the flavour properly.

"But, if the milk is added at the start of the steeping process then its proteins can bind to the tannins and other minerals in the water -preventing them from turning solid - which in turn gives you a far superior flavour."


I'm not sure about this.

The research was conducted by hot tap manufacturer INTU Boiling Water Taps with manager director Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw adding: "A decent cuppa brings joy and brightens the day, but for too many it remains a distant dream, with hard water to blame.

"But by enlisting the services of the nation's foremost food scientist, at INTU we're delighted to be able to bring an end to the misery that blights millions of lives.

"With more than three decades at the forefront of his field, Professor Mackie has an unrivalled understanding of the complex interplay of compounds that goes into producing flavour."


However, last year, professional tea taster Kevin Gascoyne told LADbible that all that really mattered when it came to make yourself a cup of tea was whether or not you enjoyed it. So if you've got a technique down, regardless if it's milk first or last, stick to that.

He told LADbible: "Priority number one is getting pleasure from your brew.

"We are each the expert on what tastes good to us so if you have a preferred method, be it milk first or last, stick to your guns."

Featured Image Credit: INTU

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