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Notorious Mykonos bar accused of fleecing tourists charges locals different price to holidaymakers

Notorious Mykonos bar accused of fleecing tourists charges locals different price to holidaymakers

DK Oyster has been accused of charging tourists almost four times as much for certain items

A bar in Greece known for its high prices has been accused of charging tourists almost four times as much as it charges locals in the area.

Spending foreign currency abroad can often feel like you're handling fake money, making it slightly less painful when you hand over €10 (£8.40) for an ice cream or coffee.

Unfortunately, a number customers who visited DK Oyster in Mykonos felt the pain of every single cent when their bills, priced way into the hundreds, proved just too shocking to ignore.

The restaurant is located on the Platys Gialos beach.
R A Rayworth/Alamy Stock Photo

Customers Lindsay and Alex found themselves being asked to hand over €400 (£336/$405) for a 'quick snack' while on holiday on the island, while another pair of tourists from America even launched legal action after being charged €600 (£511/$607) for two cocktails and some crab legs.

Tourists have described being 'lured' into the restaurant and being refused menus, but new allegations suggest not everyone is subject to the shocking bills.

Costas, a local shop worker on the island, told the Daily Mail he was able to get six oysters for just €30 (£25/$30). In comparison, foreign tourists have described having to pay as much as $18 (£15/$18) per oyster.

Customers have accused the restaurant of being a 'scam'.

The local also claimed to receive better deals on drinks, managing to secure a cocktail in a glass which 'had a rim which was probably the diameter of a football' for about €50 (£42/$50) while waiters allegedly told him it would have cost 'three times the price' if he had come from abroad.

Costas claimed he was initially warned away from the restaurant by staff because the prices 'were very high', but they went on to bring him a cocktail after he ordered in Greek.

"I had told them that I lived in Mykonos and was a local man like they were," he explained. "They first said to me that I shouldn't come into the bar, as the prices were very high and that I might not be able to afford it. As we got talking, they became friendly and served me with a cocktail.

"One waiter said it was lucky I wasn't a tourist, as my drink would've been three times the price and one of the bar staff laughed loud," he added.

Costas admitted he still found the €50 cocktail to be expensive, saying he 'would've expected to pay probably no more than $15 (£12/$15)', but adding: "But it was quite a big drink with many liquors mixed in. I feel a little crazy and light-headed now as it was a powerful drink. But I'm sorry that tourists are being overcharged by that bar and I will not be visiting it again as I'm unhappy about this."

Costas expressed plans to warn his customers and friends about the bar 'cheating' visitors to the island, while a waiter from a nearby restaurant told the Daily Mail he would advise customers 'not to go in there as they make people pay too much money by scaring them'.

In response to the allegations of high prices, Dimitrios Kalamaras, who owns DK Oyster, claimed the restaurant has been approached by 'influencers' looking for free meals and argued it has advertised 'in the ways we consider suitable for our restaurant'.

LADbible has reached out to DK Oyster for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Tripadvisor/Kennedy News & Media

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