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Comedian cancelled after ‘getting his penis out on stage’

Comedian cancelled after ‘getting his penis out on stage’

In a statement The Pleasance said that “opinions such as those displayed by Sadowitz are not acceptable”.

A controversial comedian has had his show cancelled after an audience member said he ‘got his penis out on stage’ during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jerry Sadowitz was due to perform for two nights, but his second gig got cancelled after his material was deemed inappropriate.

The 60-year-old took to social media to reveal his Saturday night performance would not be going ahead and the venue said it had been cancelled with ‘immediate effect’ because his material ‘does not align with our values’.

One audience member claimed Sadowitz got his penis out in front of a female sitting in the front row, according to the Scottish Sun.

As the comedian also uses magic, it is unclear whether the genitals were a prop.

It is unclear if the magician and comedian used a prop penis.
Julian Makey/Shutterstock

The person also said that he used a racial slur to describe Rishi Sunak.

Speaking to the paper they said: “I was at the show. He called Rishi Sunak a ‘p***’; said the economy was awful because it is run by ‘blacks and women’.

“He got his penis out to a woman in the front row. The problem was not the audience - I knew he was an acquired taste. It was his indefensible content.”

In a statement The Pleasance said that 'opinions such as those displayed by Sadowitz are not acceptable'.

But some fans who missed out on the second show highlighted that the venue already knew that the performer was controversial as the original listing carried a warning.

It read: “This show contains strong language and themes some may find distressing.”

Sadowitz took to Twitter saying: “Did a show last night, 75 mins, thought it went well. Didn’t see any walkouts. Today I’m told my show’s been cancelled. Great stuff. I’m truly sorry for everyone who travelled to see the show tonight.”


Ahead of the show, Sadowitz released a promo video for his Not For Anyone tour letting people know what to expect, MailOnline reported.

Holding up a bird puppet he said: “He’s gonna be funny. He’s gonna be rude. He’s gonna do magic tricks.

“He’s gonna do impressions. He’s gonna get his d*** out.

“He’s gonna do every f****** thing, so make sure you go and see him.”

It appears the video has since been taken down.

Disgruntled fans voiced their opinions on social media.

One said: “If you don’t like a show, DON’T WATCH IT!! You have plenty of other options. Jerry Sadowitz is not my personal cup of tea, but my opinion is subjective, so I just watch other comedians. He’s got his audience, I’m not in it, all is well.”

Another added: “I thought it was a great show last night. There were about 20 walkouts, they’ll have just been the usual joyless, easily offended lefties.”

While someone else commented: “Do the show anyway, just outside the venue. If they don’t allow that do it on The Meadows. If they don’t allow that, do it on any of our other outdoor public areas. PS No walk outs? What have you become? Try harder.”

Announcing the show's cancellation, The Pleasance director, Anthony Alderson, said: “The Pleasance is a venue that champions freedom of speech and we do not censor comedians' material.

“While we acknowledge that Jerry Sadowitz has often been controversial, the material presented at his first show is not acceptable and does not align with our values.

“This type of material has no place on the festival and the Pleasance will not be presenting his second and final show.”

LADbible has contacted Sadowitz for comment.

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