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Karen’s Diner employee goes ‘too far’ after touching and eating customer’s food

Karen’s Diner employee goes ‘too far’ after touching and eating customer’s food

The restaurant chain prides itself on rude service, but is touching someone's food a step too far?

An employee at Karen's diner - the viral restaurant chain that prides itself on rude service - has been accused of 'going too far' after touching one customer's food.

The chain, which has restaurants across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, promises 'great burgers and rude service' which sees staff say whatever they want to customers, with hilarious results.

But one video taken in an Australian branch has gone viral after the member of staff touched some of their customer's food before eating it themselves. Take a look at the cringe-worthy moment below:

In the clip, a member of staff can be seen bringing three baskets of food over to the table, including burgers, chips and onion rings.

They then put two middle fingers up at the customers, before picking up an onion ring, dipping it in sauce and eating it while walking off.

"This is how they served our food to us at Karen's Diner," TikToker @larissacai wrote.

"After a one hour wait for food the rude waiter threw it on the table and started eating our onion rings."

While many thought it was hilarious, others thought it was a step 'too far'.

The member of staff could be seen touching and eating the food.

One person wrote: "Touching my food taking it too far even with the theme."

While another said: "No cause why would you touch someone’s food thats unsanitary tbh."

And a third added: "Look I love the whole vibe I feel like it’s be fun, but the second you touch my food it’s over."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I can deal with rude but putting your hands in someone’s food is literally disgusting. Servers touch money, food, rags. Etc. no way."

Others said that was the point of the restaurant, however, with another adding: "The whole point is for them to be rude to their customers lol."

The member of staff swore before eating some of the food.

LADbible has reached out to Karen's Diner for comment.

Despite the terrible service, the chain isn't in fact lawless, and staff undergo two weeks of training to make sure they have a handle on the dos and don'ts.

The service handbook is the bible for new starters and as well as outlining the duties of hosts and section waiters, it is also details how to nail 'Karen's vibe'.

To ensure staff understand the parameters of banter, there are house rules which must be followed, and breaching these will result in immediate dismissal. The rules are as follows: 'no racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism or body image comments'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@larissacai

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