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Katherine Ryan brands Leonardo DiCaprio's 'dating pattern' as 'creepy'

Katherine Ryan brands Leonardo DiCaprio's 'dating pattern' as 'creepy'

Katherine Ryan has spoken out against Leonardo DiCaprio's dating history

Katherine Ryan has given her take on Leonardo DiCaprio's controversial dating history.

Despite the youthful nature of the Wolf of Wall Street actor's previous partners having become the subject of many memes, comedian Katherine Ryan has taken to social media to speak out over 48-year-old DiCaprio's romances.

If you've been crying ever since you turned 25 about your expired chance of ever getting your Romeo, then grab a tub of Ben and Jerry's and read this...

Katherine Ryan has called out Leonardo DiCaprio for his dating history.
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Director of women and girls campaign Right to Equality, Dr Charlotte Proudman, took to Twitter to share an article by the Mail Online which shows DiCaprio allegedly 'cosying up' to a 19-year-old model while reportedly being in a romance with a 23-year-old.

Dr Proudman tweeted: "Not enough people are talking about Leonardo DiCaprio who is almost 50 — and 'getting close' to a 19 year old teenage girl."

However, Ryan contested Dr Proudman's claim, responding: "This is literally all I've talked about for SEVEN YEARS."

Ryan contested she's been speaking out about DiCaprio's controversial dating history for at least 'seven years'.
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Responding to a comment which questions what the 'crime' is considering DiCaprio and his alleged new love interest are both 'adults,' Ryan added: "No crime just a creepy pattern."

Another Twitter user questioned whether DiCaprio has some sort of 'Titanic trauma'. "He's dating women like he's still the age he was when he shot it, and he's ALWAYS on holiday on a yacht. Dude needs some EMDR," they continued.

Ryan replied: "This year, Titanic became too old for Leonardo DiCaprio to be in it."

The comedian also corrected her initial statement, joking: "I was just googling and I actually think I've been slagging him [DiCaprio] off for nearly a decade."

Ryan called the age of DiCaprio's previous partners a 'creepy pattern'.
@Kathbum/ Twitter

Indeed, DiCaprio's dating history has been the subject of much controversy, particularly heavily debated after a Reddit user shared a chart documenting all the actor's previous romances and their ages.

The chart features the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively and Camila Morrone and revealed a particular trend: Over the age of 25? DiCaprio isn't interested.

And the median age of his dates up until the year 2022? 22 years old.


Other users have been quick to join in on pointing out the controversial nature of the ages of the women DiCaprio chooses to date.

One wrote: "Seven years? Since he was 41 and she was 12?"

"This is why Kate wouldn't let him on the door," another commented.

A third said: "In 12 years time Leo will be interested in what you've been talking about."

A final worked out: "Coincidentally, seven years is the current age of the girl Leonardo DiCaprio will date in 12 years time."

LADbible has contacted Leonardo DiCaprio's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Crossick / UPI / Alamy Stock Photo

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