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King Charles appears to bring own pen to signing to avoid another mishap

King Charles appears to bring own pen to signing to avoid another mishap

The new King has lost his rag at pens a couple of times lately, and some people think he's come up with a solution

King Charles appeared to bring his own pen to a signing to avoid another viral pen-based mishap. Watch here:

It's been an incredibly busy period for the 73-year-old, who since the death of the Queen on 8 September has become the new monarch, moving from ceremony to ceremony ever since.

At the same time, he has been grieving the loss of his mother with the eyes of the world upon him, which cannot be easy, and on a couple of occasions he has snapped - over pens.

The first incident came last Saturday (10 September), when after being formally proclaimed the nation’s new sovereign, King Charles held his first Privy Council meeting, where he sat to sign official declarations. 

However, the historic moment was marred by a pen holder which got in the way of the new King, who grimaced at a member of staff who hastily removed it.

And on Wednesday (14 September), another pen drew the ire of the King while at the royal residence of Hillsborough Castle in Co Down in Northern Ireland, when ink appeared to drip from the pen as he tried to sign a book.

Getting up from his chair, he said: "I can't bear this bloody thing... every stinking time."

But while signing the visitors' book at Llandaff Cathedral, in Wales, earlier today (Friday 16 September), there was no such drama.

The King came prepared.

Footage shows the monarch carrying a pen before signing the book - and the moment didn't go unnoticed following his recent viral pen problems.

On Twitter, one person wrote: "King Charles is a problem-solver!!"

Another added: "King Charles has produced his own pen in Cardiff. Passed it in to Camilla. No ink stains. All is well with the world."

Charles is known to carry his own fountain pen for when he is frequently called on to sign visitors' books during royal visits, so hopefully there won't be as many incidents when he's using his own tried and tested pen.

I say that, the pen perils have actually brought some much needed lightheartedness in what has been a pretty sombre week for the nation. So actually, scrap that - bring on more pen problems, please.

The King has since returned from Wales, standing in silent contemplation as he guarded his mother's coffin in Westminster Hall.

The Queen's children – Charles, the Duke of York, the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex – took part in the vigil this evening (Friday 16 September).

The new sovereign, Anne, Andrew and Edward looked sombre as they took their places at the coffin – four days after they participated in a vigil in St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh.

The late monarch has been lying in state in London since Wednesday and thousands of mourners have filed past to pay their final respects after queueing for hours.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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