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New footage emerges moments before KSI and Logan Paul were pelted with Prime bottles

New footage emerges moments before KSI and Logan Paul were pelted with Prime bottles

KSI and Logan Paul were hit with a volley of Prime bottles during an appearance in Copenhagen, Denmark

New footage has emerged that shows what happened just before KSI and Logan Paul were pelted with bottles of their energy drink Prime.

In case you missed it, the two YouTube stars had a load of bottles of Prime chucked at them by a crowd yesterday during an appearance in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The pair seemed as if they were genuinely worried for their safety, and it was also made to appear like the security staff stepped in to help them out.

Logan Paul and KSI could be heard setting up the stunt.

Of course, that has now turned out not to have been the case - it was all a stunt.

In a new piece of footage, Logan Paul can be heard telling the crowd: “Throw your empty – EMPTY – bottle at us…”

KSI then gets on the mic to add: “Not yet – we need to make it look like you guys hate us.”

Then, as you may have seen from the other video, KSI shouted ‘DRINK PRIME’ before the crowd hurled their bottles at them from off-stage, soaking them in fluorescent energy drink in the process.

Maybe things are different over in Denmark, but over at Wakey Wines those bottles of Prime would have cost about £25 each, so you wouldn’t be throwing them away, even if it was at KSI and Logan Paul.

The social media duo – who have also been involved in boxing – got together in January of last year to launch the drink, which has become a huge success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hence why people have been paying stupidly jacked-up prices to get their hands on a bottle.

What’s more, we’ve seen scenes of absolute chaos when supermarkets have had a delivery in, with people fighting and climbing over one another to get their hands on a bottle.

You’d think it was some sort of Elixir of Life, the way it’s been driving people to madness.

Instead, it’s a brightly coloured drink endorsed by some YouTubers.

Afterwards, KSI was smiling – which might have revealed that it was all a big set-up – and seemed to avoid getting hit by most of the bottles that were thrown.

KSI showing his footwork to avoid the Prime bottles.

In the end, KSI shared his thoughts about what happened on Twitter, writing: “That Prime bottle to my head was pinpoint.”

Afterwards, loads of people pointed out that – obviously, because they’re really super smart – they’d known it wasn’t real right from the start.

“Could people really not tell it was set up?” said one.

“It was so obvious,” said another.

However, not everyone knew.

“Bro really played us all,” said a third person.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ksinews_

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