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Wakey Wines sparks more controversy after family 'spend £1,000' in shop

Wakey Wines sparks more controversy after family 'spend £1,000' in shop

The viral shop has been flogging Prime at outrageous prices

Wakey Wines has sparked more controversy after posting a video of a family that apparently spent more than £1,000 in the store.

The viral store has been flogging KSI and Logan Paul's Prime hydration drink for extortionate prices, and amid bizarre hysteria on social media, people have seemingly been handing over wads of cash for the stuff.

In a new video, owner Mohammed Nazir claimed a family had given him more than a grand for a few boxes of the beverages.

Watch here:

In the clip uploaded to social media, a man with two young boys revealed they'd travelled up to Wakefield from Lincolnshire and spent £1,070 in the store.

So that's a good 80 miles each way, which is expensive enough in fuel these days, never mind the £1,000 expenditure in the shop.

All in all then a preposterous trip for the family, particularly amid the cost-of-living crisis that is hitting lots of us very hard.

They're not on their own, though, as Wakey Wines has been sharing many videos just like the one above.

The other day, a woman said she'd travelled from Sheffield to spend £1,200 on Prime.

People are handing over huge amounts.

If you've spent much time online lately, then you'll probably be aware that shops like Aldi and Asda have been ransacked of the stuff, with videos showing crowds of people emptying the shelves at supermarkets.

And when there is huge demand but limited supply, opportunism usually leads to skyrocketing prices.

Wakey Wines was banned from TikTok after it advertised the drinks - which should sell for a couple of quid - for upwards of £100.

Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of people who haven't taken it to well, with some criticising the shop for seemingly ripping people off.

And in a bid to get some answers, someone actually went down to Wakey Wines to see the owner and ask him what's going on.

In a video posted to TikTok, the disgruntled customer can be seen charging into the shop to have a word with Nazir.

"Let's go confront Wakey Wines about extortionate prices," the man said.

"Yo, what's happening, lads? Where's boss man? Oh God, go get him for us, boss."

He then asked the other shopkeeper: "How do you sleep at night charging £20 for that Prime and £100 a can?"

To which the employee replied: "I sleep good, man."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@realwakeywines

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