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KSI reacts to people getting 'ripped off' spending £25 per bottle on Prime

KSI reacts to people getting 'ripped off' spending £25 per bottle on Prime

KSI and Logan Paul's energy drink Prime has been sold at prices of up to £25 by some newsagents looking to cash in on the hype

KSI has issued a firm response to people who he believes are getting ‘ripped off’ paying way over the odds for bottles of his and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink. You can see his take on the matter below:

Just a few days ago, a newsagent in West Yorkshire shared a video in which a woman travelled over to buy just six bottles at a total cost of £145.

Other reports have claimed that certain shops are selling Prime for as much as £20 to £25 per bottle due to a lack of supply and a huge demand.

It’s pretty extortionate, especially given that the drink can be bought for just £2 in supermarkets, meaning that people are paying at least 1000 percent more than necessary.

Well, that doesn’t sit right with one of the men behind the drink.

KSI – real name Olajide Olayinka Williams 'JJ' Olatunji – released a video online in which he said people are being taken for a ride with the prices of Prime, as well as urging them not to buy it at inflated rates.

KSI was not impressed with the prices.

Not least – you’d have to imagine – because the money from these sales isn’t going back to them.

In fact, KSI and Logan Paul claim that they haven’t actually made any money from sales of the drink yet.

With this popularity, it’s only a matter of time though, right?

Anyway, KSI reacted angrily, shouting: “20 quid per Prime?

“£145 - £25 per bottle bruv?!

“Fam, you’re getting ripped off! Why is she doing this?

“Do not pay that much for Prime!”

He continued: “I know people want Prime, OK?

“Just wait – camp out [at] Asda, get in Asda nice and early and pay £2 for Prime.

“£2 is way better than £25 a bottle, what?

“Come on man, this is outrageous.

“You should not be paying £25 for one bottle of Prime.”

He’s right, too.

That’s a lot to pay for anything, and it’s hardly a bottle of whisky or prosecco, is it?

At the end of the video, KSI explained some of the problems behind it.

KSI and Logan Paul launched Prime together.
Prime Hydration

“It’s so annoying,” he said.

“But yeah, I know the demand for Prime has been outrageous, people have just struggled to get it.

“We’re working on increasing the supply but f**k me – do not pay £25 for a bottle, please.”

Eventually, once they do work out the supply issues and Prime is available in all the supermarkets for just £2, you’ll be able to grab one and see what the hype is all about.

It had better be really good, or all of those folks paying massively over the odds for it are going to feel incredibly silly.

Hell, they should feel quite silly already.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sidemen TikTok/wakey_wines01924724141

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