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Logan Paul questioned over legitimacy of $500k golden Prime bottle

Logan Paul questioned over legitimacy of $500k golden Prime bottle

When Logan Paul tried to sell his $500k gold bottle he didn't get offered anywhere near that

Questions have been asked as to the actual value of the gold Prime bottle which was the centrepiece of Logan Paul's latest publicity stunt.

Prime founders Logan Paul and KSI recently ran a competition in New York and London where people were challenged to correctly guess a six digit code to win an incredible prize, a golden bottle of prime worth $500,000 (£400,000).

Done to celebrate selling a shedload of Prime, the competition was won by a lucky London lad but that spelled doom for the gold bottle in New York.

It was incinerated and dropped into a vat of molten lava, which would have happened to both gold bottles if nobody had managed to guess the correct code in time.

However, that did prompt a bit of a backlash over destroying £400k worth of gold for a competition when they could have done something else with an item that valuable.

The pawnbroker didn't offer Logan Paul anywhere near as much as he wanted for the gold bottle.

There have also been some who've wondered whether the gold bottles of Prime are really worth quite as much as Logan Paul and KSI said they were.

That's happened because Paul has released a video of him taking one of the bottles into a pawnshop to ask what sort of price he might get for it.

The first offer was for just $25,000 (£20,000), which prompted Paul to demand a hefty $700,000 (£560,000) and the pawnbroker responded by asking the YouTuber 'are you okay'.

Another offer of $50,000 (£40,000) was made to Paul, who countered by telling them they'd be buying a gold replica of 'the hottest growing beverage in the world'.

Sensing they were some way apart on price the shopkeeper offered to buy it off Paul and melt it down to 'see how much comes out'.

The New York bottle was incinerated and melted down in a vat of molten lava.

That suggestion went down like a lead balloon as Paul told the pawnbroker 'if you melt it then it won't be Prime any more' and that would mean 'you've instantly halved the value'.

If that's the case then is the gold bottle of Prime supposed to be worth $500k because it contains that much gold, or because Paul places so much value on his brand that he thinks it doubles the value of the gold?

A lot of people are interested in Prime as a brand, with bottles of the stuff often flying off the shelves wherever they're sold, but that argument seemed to have little weight on the shopkeeper.

In the end Paul took his bottle with him, inviting the pawnbroker to have a go in the competition because he was 'lowballing me', though of course that particular bottle has now been melted down.

LADbible have contacted Prime for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Moreloganpaul

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