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Nisa shopkeeper is selling Prime hydration for £15 a bottle

Nisa shopkeeper is selling Prime hydration for £15 a bottle

Prime Hydration is flying off the shelves so quickly, people are apparently willing to pay £15 a bottle for it

A shopkeeper has said he's been able to sell bottles of Prime Hydration for £15 and due to their popularity, he's been flogging one every minute.

For those not in the know, Prime Hydration is the drinks company set up by Logan Paul and KSI which was launched after a 'huge announcement' was teased at the start of this year.

While people were hoping of news of some sort of boxing match between the pair, instead they announced they were going to be launching their own brand of sports drink.

While fans might have wanted them to be declaring their intention to get into a ring and beat the stuffing out of each other, it seems that plenty have got over the initial disappointment and really taken to the energy drink.

Kids have been seen storming supermarkets to get their hands on a bottle of Prime Hydration after it became a 'viral craze', leading some shops to impose a limit on how many bottles customers are allowed to buy.

According to The Sun one shopkeeper is selling bottles of the sports drink for £15 each and reckons he's offloading them at a rate of about one a minute.

The energy drinks have proven to be incredibly popular and are now in high demand.

Ameer Khan said someone was so interested that they paid him £15 to keep a bottle safe behind the counter at his Nisa store in Worcester, while someone else handed over £80 to buy a whole crate of the stuff.

He says 'nobody has complained about the price' and revealed that people have given him their phone numbers so he can let them know when he's got more of the popular drink back in stock.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph & Argus reports that a whole load of other retailers across the country are also hiking up the prices without losing out on customers.

They report that eBay is rife with people selling 12 bottles of the energy drink for £199, several times the actual price, each individual bottle should cost you about £2 in a normal world.

Some people are even trying to charge as much as £10,000 for one bottle, which is just insane.

The bottles are so popular that there's a shortage of the stuff and KSI is convinced that ASDA staff are nicking the stuff to sell it off on the black market.

The Prime Hydration sports drink range is a business set up by KSI and Logan Paul.
John Barry/Alamy Stock Photo

The YouTuber said: "I s**t you not, the only place you're meant to get Prime is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations.

"Asda employees aren't even f***ing putting it on the shelves anymore. They're shipping it out lowkey."

"They're like 'what's the point, I put it on the shelf and it’s gone instantly. F**k it, I'm just going to sell it on the black market myself.'"

Despite the apparent huge popularity of the drink KSI has said that he and Logan Paul haven't actually made any money from their business yet.

ASDA declined to comment on allegations made by KSI.

Featured Image Credit: Worcester News/Shivani Chaudhari

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