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Aussie TikTok Star Was Asked Ominous Question Before Having Acid Thrown In Her Face

Aussie TikTok Star Was Asked Ominous Question Before Having Acid Thrown In Her Face

Jenny Elhassan said she's starting to understand what unfolded after reading the message again.

A TikTok star has revealed she was asked an ominous question shortly before she was attacked with acid.

Australian woman Jenny Elhassan had finished eating dinner with her sister at the Old Town Hong Kong restaurant in Chinatown on Friday (April 15) night and she was standing on the street.

She said three masked men hopped out of a black Mazda SUV and confronted her. One of the men threw corrosive liquid onto her face.

The popular Sydney social media influencer described feeling a searing and burning sensation on her neck and face.

She was live streaming the whole ordeal and her followers watched in horror as she rushed to get help.

Elhassan explained how just before the attack happened she was getting weird messages from a TikTok user.

“I still remember when I was live streaming there was someone in my comments, a fake account, that was asking me where I was. They were persistent to know where I was,” she said.

“They were also asking me why I had my sunglasses on indoors and they were telling me to take my sunglasses off and I said no to them.

“Now that this has unfolded I am understanding the whole situation.”


She says she's so lucky she was wearing sunglasses otherwise she could have lost the sight in her eye.

Detective Acting Inspector Sean West labelled the attack 'completely unacceptable' and an investigation is underway into why she was targeted.

"We don't know exactly what the acid is at this stage, other than it is acidic," he said. "Some of our police also had some minor injuries, which, luckily for them, [needed] no more than some first-aid treatment.

"We are aware of a video that's being circulated, and that's one of many lines of inquiry.

"We are aware and are in the process of getting our hands on that."

NSW Ambulance Inspector Andrew Bibby added: "When paramedics arrived, this patient was very distressed and appeared to be struggling to breathe. Her face was quite swollen as a result of the chemical substance which was also impacting her vision.

"A chemical burn to any part of the body is extremely concerning, let alone to a person's face. Of all the injuries paramedics attend, burns can be the most painful and difficult to manage."

"A facial burn can also have life-changing consequences such as blindness and horrendous scarring."

Featured Image Credit: alia_elhassan1/TikTok

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