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Woman 'Who's Walked All Of Brighton' Now Has An Instagram And It's Sensational

Woman 'Who's Walked All Of Brighton' Now Has An Instagram And It's Sensational

A Melbourne woman became an overnight star when she was interviewed by Channel 9 about the drawbacks of exercising in her neighbourhood.

In a bid to keep people from exploring areas outside their neighbourhoods, Victorian authorities introduced a rule that you could only exercise in your local area.

That led to Jodi Grollo painfully saying to a 9News Melbourne crew: "You get sick of walking the same streets. I've done all of Brighton."


Brighton is a very affluent suburb in Melbourne and the cry from Jodi led to one of the most beautiful symphonies ever played by one thousand of the world's smallest violins. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews even took a swipe at Jodi's comments during a press conference.

He said: "If walking your local streets is boring, well, being bored is much better than being in intensive care. That's my clear message."

But it seems like Jodi from Brighton is having the last laugh as she racks up thousands of Instagram followers on an account reportedly set up by her son.


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In just a few days she's ramped up the sass in a bunch of posts that have attacked Daniel Andrews for his handling of the second wave, while also tearing down other Melburnians who have been given the moniker Karen for their behaviour.

The account has the caption: "The official account of Karen from Brighton who appeared on Channel 9 news and was personally attacked by Daniel Andrews."


She seemed to have a particular bee in her bonnet, as do many people in Victoria, over how the hotel quarantine issue was handled by the state government.

The Instagram account has a little more than 13,200 followers and it's climbing by the hundreds.

Her latest post called out Mr Andrews for a fight, whether that's a fist fight or a fashion fight is hard to discern.


The photo was captioned: "After a convincing win over Karen from Bunnings, Karen's next opponent is Lord Daniel of House Andrews in the battle of the Northern Face. I'll dodge him faster than he dodges questions about hotel quarantine. I'll lock him down like Victoria.

"Two style icons enter only one will leave with north face ambassadorship. Karen's record 1-0 Andrews record 0 wins from 15,304 cases. Prediction Karen in a landslide decision."

She's also made a dig against herself for being one of those typical rich Melbourne people who love to go to Noosa to holiday.

The second wave has only continued to worsen in Victoria after the state recorded a whopping 732 new coronavirus cases since yesterday. That's the largest single day increase in infections anywhere in the country since the pandemic began.

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