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Woman has question she asks in every job interview and has been given an offer every single time

Woman has question she asks in every job interview and has been given an offer every single time

Catherine Lockhart, from Texas, has shared with us the very clever question she asks at the end of every interview.

A woman has shared the one question that could help you land your dream job.

For most of us, there really isn't anything more nerve-wracking than sitting in front of what you hope to be your future employer.

But before we get into the question, it goes without saying, make sure you do your homework on the role, and the company, beforehand.

After that, however, the chances are that for 90 percent of the interview, you're going to be bombarded by loads of different questions.

Catherine shared her advice on what to ask at an interview.
Instagram / @catherine.lockhart

From job requirements, to work environment and maybe what you like doing in your spare time.

But if one thing is certain, at the end of every interview you're going to get asked that same final question: "Do you have anything you'd like to ask us?"

While many will just reply 'nah I'm good thanks', it's definitely handy to have a good follow-up question prepped.

Welcome Catherine Lockhart (@catherine_lockhart) from Texas.

The content creator has revealed the one clever question she always asks, which apparently gets her the job every single time.

Catherine's tip could be crucial in landing your dream job.

The question is: "What does excellence look like in this role?"

"It gives the interviewer an opportunity to explain a little bit more about the day-to-day functions of the role," she explains on her TikTok channel.

"It lets the interviewer know that you're serious about performing and exceeding their expectations."

Another good question, she says, is to ask what is they enjoy most about their job.

This helps get the conversation flowing, and it might provide you with some much-needed insight into what the work environment is really like.

The content creator made it clear though to never ask any questions about benefits and time off.

Although that's an important part of your decision to go for the role, it's one you can always ask before you sign the contract.

She said: "Do not mention PTO (paid time off) - do not ask if they have any other benefits."

Taking the comments section, one person wrote: "Another great question to ask at the end is ask the interviewer 'what gives you the most satisfaction in your role?' (or something like that! They love to talk about themselves!)."

Others seemed to disagree with Catherine's logic, as another person said: "I am a recruiter and I'd have to disagree that you shouldn't ask about PTO, this is an employee's right to know and part of the compensation package."

A third also replied: "I always ask this and what their favorite thing about working there is, there's a big difference in how they answer depending on their job satisfaction."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@catherine_lockhart

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