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Man Branded 'Creep' After Admitting He Made A ‘Pokedex’ Of Women At His University

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

Man Branded 'Creep' After Admitting He Made A ‘Pokedex’ Of Women At His University

One man has taken to Reddit to ask if he had done anything wrong by making a 'Pokédex' of women at his university.

He claimed he started keeping records to help him get 'better dates' and definitely not for ‘nefarious reasons’. 

He posted his conundrum to Reddit's 'Am I The A**hole' group, and yeah, it did not go well for him.

The post went into detail about what sort of information he was recording about the women around him.


"I like to keep notes on women I talk to about their favourite things, activities they enjoy, gifts/candy they like, sappy s**t like that ... so I decided to keep a spreadsheet," he wrote.

It already sounds creepy just one guy doing it.

But then he shared it with his frat house.


"One [of the guys] had the idea that I share it with them so we could all keep new entries as they 'caught' different entries," he said.

He then revealed it is helping 'a lot of guys' because they're using the data to 'impress' dates or to make girls like them.

Then s**t hit the fan.

One of the women in the bloke's Pokédex found out... and it turns out that ladies don't like it when men keep files of personal information on them, especially to help other men 'date' them.


"She’s p**sed off and she made it out to be a guide to hooking up with women, when it’s most definitely not that,” he wrote.

Now the guys in his frat house are mad at him because women are warning each other to stay away from them.

He was quickly branded an a**hole by pretty much every commenter in the thread.


One user said: "What really got me is [the word] 'caught'. So gross and dehumanising."

A second added: "People don't enjoy being treated like objects, and women especially are sensitive to things resembling stalking or ways to manipulate them. Which this is."

A third held nothing back: "As a girl, you are HYPER AWARE of the danger of sexual assault, stalking, etc. One of the few ways you have to keep yourself safe is to share information about yourself wisely.

They added: "[That Pokédex] is f**king terrifying ... your 'convenience' does not trump women's safety."


He was very much branded the a**hole in this situation.

And to the man that wrote the Pokédex: if you still can't see why this is an issue, seek help.

Featured Image Credit: Team Ota. Alamy.

Topics: Reddit, Viral, Sex and Relationships, News

Rachel Lang
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