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US Politician Proposes Mandatory Vasectomy Law In The Wake Of Abortion Rights Being Overturned

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

US Politician Proposes Mandatory Vasectomy Law In The Wake Of Abortion Rights Being Overturned

An Oklahoma lawmaker has proposed a bill that would force American boys to undergo forced vasectomies in the wake of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling.

Oklahoma State Representative Mickey Dollens called on his peers to co-author the bill that would take away male reproduction rights until they were found to be fit by the state.

In order to prove that they are fit to manage their own body autonomy, Dollens proposed that young men be made to show they are both emotionally and financially stable.

So does this sound insane? Or perhaps even a little familiar? Well, that is the entire point.

"If you really want to end abortion, if that's your objective, then I would invite you to co-author a bill that I am considering next year that would mandate each male, when they reach puberty, get a mandatory vasectomy that is only reversible when they reach the point of financial and emotional stability," Dollens said as per KOCO5 News.

"If you think that's crazy, maybe you understand how 50 per cent of Oklahomans feel."

He doubled-down on his proposal in an interview with MSNBC, roasting the Republican Party for their 'intrusive' reproduction legislation.

"To fight fire with fire as they say, I proposed a tongue in cheek proposal to mandate vasectomies to just prove a point of how absurd and ridiculous it is to regulate one’s bodily autonomy," Dollens said.

"I don’t believe that the government should regulate anyone’s reproductive system."

The tongue-in-cheek bill has been making the rounds on social media just days after the US Supreme Court repealed abortion rights legislation for women in America.

With Roe v Wade now axed, the power to legislate over abortions now falls to the US states.

Some states have already banned abortions without any exceptions, meaning that rape victims and those in life-threatening medical situations where termination is required will now go without.

This could see more deaths in women and rape victims being forced to carry their attacker's child to full-term.

Credit: ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: ZUMA Press Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Several US states do not have exceptions to the abortion ban, which means women in high-risk medical situations or sex crime victims will have to no choice but to carry on with the pregnancy.

In Dollens' home state of Oklahoma, rape and incest are exceptions to their abortion ban, but once they have been fully investigated by authorities.

Women who have an abortion in Texas now face a life sentence in jail, longer than their rapist who would only serve 20 years at maximum, as per CNET with a state-by-state breakdown on the impact of the abortion ruling.

Featured Image Credit: Eryrie / Alamy Stock Photo. Crush Rush / Alamy Stock Photo.

Topics: US News, Sex and Relationships, Health

Rachel Lang
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