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People Are Shocked Over Jacked Kangaroo Who’s ‘Never Skipped An Arm Day’

People Are Shocked Over Jacked Kangaroo Who’s ‘Never Skipped An Arm Day’

The video of this roo has made the rounds leaving people equally amazed and terrified at the animal's physique.

A kangaroo who has clearly never skipped arm day has left people shocked at just how jacked it is. 

The video, posted on Reddit, shows a pair of wildlife workers visiting the roo who is clearly trying to impress his visitors. 

He flexes his arms in the traditional ‘most muscular’ bodybuilding pose as his veins pop out of his arms.

Within the video, one man states the obvious saying: “Man, you are a big kangaroo.

“Those are strong arms.”

You’ve got that right. 

The kangaroo proceeds to grab hold of his arm before appearing to wind up for a kick - seriously scary stuff. 

One Reddit user pointed out just why kangaroos can be so terrifying.

They said: “The video starts with a handshake, transitions into a hug, and then cuts out, right as the kangaroo was planning on kicking him to death…”

They certainly seem to enjoy luring people into a false sense of security. 

The general consensus from users was one of pure amazement and shock at the roo’s physique. 

One commented: “Kangaroo jacked.”

Another said: “Any creature that walks on two legs is utterly terrifying.”

Another added: “What Chadgaroo!”

Wouldn’t want to get into a street fight with that guy. 

One user bestowed his kangaroo knowledge to the thread, explaining just why this dude looks like he’s lifting weights every day and twice on Tuesdays. 

They said: “It’s older male kangaroos that get jacked arms. 

“As they get older it becomes more difficult for them to hop, thus they support their body weight with their arms while trotting and their motion are kinda like push-ups, which results in massive arm muscles.”

Imagine doing a push up every time you took a step. We’d all be looking like pop-eye here. 

People consistently seem to be amazed and quite frankly creeped out by kangaroos every time a new video surfaces showing off their strength and dominating nature. 

Footage of legendary filmmaker Australian Malcolm Douglas, and his up-close encounter with a kangaroo did the rounds once again recently, leaving Reddit users bewildered.

One user said: "Sorry but I am not trying to kiss a kangaroo after it just swung on me. That dog looked like it was having some fun though."

Another saying: "Gawd what a weird f*****g creature."

One user seemed to feel for the roo, who was probably as confused by the situation as the comment section itself.

They said: "I genuinely don't know where I stand with this guy. One minute he's trying to fight me, the next he's on all fours kissing me."

Surprised Jake Paul hasn’t called out a roo yet. 

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/mk33hl. Reddit/u/mk33hl

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