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Researchers Release High-Quality ‘Best Ever’ Photo Of A UFO Flying Above Earth

Jayden Collins

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Researchers Release High-Quality ‘Best Ever’ Photo Of A UFO Flying Above Earth

A new high-resolution photo of what has been called ‘the best photograph of a UFO ever taken’ has been released to the public.

The photo was taken 50 years ago by aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza as he flew over the jungles of Costa Rica.

Loaiza was using a 45kg map-making camera in order to survey Costa Rican land ahead of the construction of a hydroelectric project close to the Arenal Volcano.

The photographer took multiple high-resolution black and white photos of Lake Cote and the surrounding rainforest at an altitude of 3,000 metres. 

Credit: Instituto Geográfico Nacional de Costa Rica
Credit: Instituto Geográfico Nacional de Costa Rica

In one image, a pesky little ‘flying saucer’ can be seen zooming between Loaiza’s aircraft and the ground.

Even more conspicuous is the fact that the object only appeared once out of 300 photos - with Loaiza taking photos every 20 seconds.

None of the crew onboard the plane noticed the saucer during the flight either.


I don’t know about you but the hairs just stood up on the back of my neck. 

The UFO very much looks like a typical ‘saucer’ that you would find in alien movies and TV.

Theories of what the ‘saucer’ could actually be ranged from a chance reflection, or simply being a ‘fake’. However, attempts at manipulating photos using the technology of the time proved that theory unsuccessful. 


Often with these images of apparent UFOs we’re having to quint over some blurry images to make out a little disc-shaped object. 

However, according to UAP Media, ‘UFO Enthusiast’ Esteben Carrazan has now released a ‘contact’ copy of the original image.

His uncle had obtained the image in the 1970s from the National Geographic Institute, with Carrazan inheriting it after he passed away last year.

Carrazan then sent the image off to a photo laboratory in Kansas where a Tango Drum Scanner was used to produce a high-quality scan. 


Costa Rican UFO researcher, Oscar Sierra said: “It’s one of the most compelling scientific confirmations that UFOs are real.”

The photo made the rounds when it was first released, however, it was forgotten about over years.

That was until reporter Leslie Kean from The New Yorker made note of the UFO in his April 2021 article titled ‘How the Pentagon Started Taking UFOs Seriously'.


He called it the ‘best photograph of a UFO ever taken’, and it’s hard to argue when you’re looking at what can only be described as a UFO.

Kean said: “There was this disc object and you clearly see the sun reflecting off this round object that’s got a little dot on the top and what’s important about it is that it was a government photo.

"There’s a clear chain of custody. It’s always been in possession of the Costa Rican government so you know it’s authentic and it’s completely unexplained.”

Featured Image Credit: Instituto Geográfico Nacional de Costa Rica. Science Photo Library / Alamy.

Topics: Aliens, Space, UFO

Jayden Collins
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