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Sydney Has Been Ranked As The Third Worst City In The World To Make Friends

Sydney Has Been Ranked As The Third Worst City In The World To Make Friends

A survey has ranked 53 cities around the globe and the NSW capital has been absolutely roasted.

Sydney has been ranked as the third-worst city in the world to make friends, according to a new report.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to relocate, it might be hard to do so in the Big Smoke.

The Time Out Index 2022 reveals Sydney, out of 53 other cities, was ranked as one of the worst places for meeting new people, only just clipping Copenhagen, which was ranked second last and Stockholm, which came in last place.

The index, which surveyed 30,000 people worldwide, revealed 71 per cent of people said Sydney was hard to hook up with others and form intimate connections.


Time Out said of their methodology: "Our top cities this year are the ones with thriving nightlife, amazing food and drink, and art, culture and museums galore.

"We’ve highlighted places that aren’t boring or overly expensive or overrated, and we’ve ensured that our top picks also score well for practical stuff like walkability, good public transport and safety, as well as sustainability."

Many users took to Reddit once the report was released, agreeing that Sydney was tricky to establish a close social circle in.

One person wrote: “A lot of Expats/International Students I met talk about how hard it is to make friends in Sydney too. From what I heard it's the opposite for them back home.

“So I'm curious what it is about this city that makes it so different.”

Another said: “Three years, and my only friend is a previous flatmate, otherwise just acquaintances here and there.”

While another advised: “​​A lot of Sydneysiders are also very business orientated, they’ll meet with you if it’s a networking opportunity and it might flower into a friendship. Hobbies are really the only way as a career-driven adult living in Sydney.”


So perhaps pick up a hot yoga sesh or partake in a cooking class? Hopefully, then, you’ll find your tribe.

Unsurprisingly, Sydney was ranked as having the worst nightlife in the world, which could be mostly attributed to the lockout laws that ended in March 2021.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Sydney, as 71 per cent of surveyed participants also said Sydney was beautiful and pristine.

However, if you’re thinking of moving abroad in the near future, you might want to consider Edinburgh, as it was rated as the best city in the world to making friends.

Great marketplaces, bustling nightlife and the Fringe Festival? We can definitely see why.

Also featured highly in the list were Chicago, Medellín, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Prague, Marrakech, Berlin, Montreal and

Featured Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo.

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