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Lip readers reveal heartwarming exchange between Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Lip readers reveal heartwarming exchange between Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The middle child knew exactly what the royal protocol was at the Queen's funeral.

A lip reader has revealed a sweet exchange between Princess Charlotte and her older brother Prince George during the Queen’s funeral yesterday (Monday, September 19). Watch the clip below and see if you can make out what Charlotte said:

Despite being the younger sibling, it turns out Charlotte knows exactly what to do when it comes it royal protocol.

As the two stood with their parents, Prince William and Catherine, the Princess of Wales, watching their grandmother’s body being transferred to State Hearse at Wellington Arch in London, Princess Charlotte reminded Prince George of his royal duties.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at committal service for Queen Elizabeth II.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

According to lip readers, Charlotte told George he needed to bow as the Queen's coffin went past, the Sun reports.

Following her advice, the mini prince swiftly bowed his head farewelling his ‘gan-gan’.

As the video made the rounds on Twitter, one person wrote of the heartwarming interaction: “Charlotte, the boss.”

Another said: “‘Once they walk to the car you need to bow’ CHECK HIM AGAIN FOR ME MISS CHARLOTTE.”

A third person commented: “Princess Charlotte to Prince George is like Princess Anne to the Queen. She will have his back to the end. I love it.”

While another joked: “'No George, that's the Yeoman of the Guard, The Grenadiers are the ones in the bearskin hats'”.

PEOPLE reported that during the late monarch’s funeral, Princess Charlotte wore her first piece of significant jewellery.

It was a diamond horse brooch that was designed to commemorate her grandmother’s love for the outdoors and horse riding.

PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

The jewel was pinned on the left side of the black coat while she wore a wide-brimmed hat for the first time, a custom for British women attending ceremonial events.

A little later into the service, as the mini royal walked alongside her mother and Camilla, the Queen Consort, Charlotte was captured breaking down in tears while being comforted by her mother, according to 7 News.

Prince George was also seen tearing up while pallbearers carried the Queen's coffin into Westminster Abbey.

Prince William and Princess Kate’s youngest child, Prince Louis, didn’t attend the ceremony due to his young age, but, according to royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, the couple made a significant decision to allow their eldest children at the funeral.

He told the outlet that their presence marked a new era.

“This was a big decision,” Arbiter said.

“This is biggest role of George and Charlotte’s public life to date, thus far.”

Featured Image Credit: Dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo. DPPA / Sipa USA / Alamy Stock Photo

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