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Liver King sued for $25M for ‘persuading’ millions of fans to buy supplements when he was actually on steroids

Liver King sued for $25M for ‘persuading’ millions of fans to buy supplements when he was actually on steroids

The social media star was forced to admit that he used steroids after he was exposed online

The Liver King is being sued for $25 million after it was revealed he took steroids.

The popular social media figure, real name Brian Johnson, made his name with his outlandish 'ancestral' lifestyle.

You'll probably have seen the videos on his Instagram account where he's seen eating raw liver, testicles and bone marrow.

The 45-year-old claimed that he was able to maintain such a muscular and ripped physique thanks to his bizarre diet and intense fitness regimes.

Liver King is being sued for $25 million.
Liver King/Instagram

However, he was recently forced to admit that he had been taking a number of performance enhancing drugs.

In a video posted to YouTube, Johnson said that he had been spending thousands of dollars on steroids every month.

"Before social media I was rich and anonymous and after social media I’m still rich but no longer anonymous and I never expected this kind of exposure in the public eye," he said.

“It’s been tricky as f**k to navigate… Clearly, I did it wrong and I’m here now to set the record straight.

“Yes, I’ve done steroids and yes, I am on steroids monitored and managed by trained hormone clinicians.”

Johnson also went on to claim that his Liver King persona was also some kind of crusade to help men get the help they needed for their mental health.

Adding: “Liver King the public figure was an experiment to spread a message.."

And now, as a result of the revelations, Johnson is being sued for $25 million for alleged false advertising over his supplements.

Christopher Altomare, of New York, has launched a class action legal case against Johnson and his companies, Ancestral Supplements, LLC and The Fittest Ever, LLC.

Liver King apologised for using steroids.
LiverKing/ Instagram

It's claimed that the bodybuilder encouraged a "dangerous and life-threatening diet", causing "severe" food-borne illnesses.

Johnson and his companies have long promoted their Nine Ancestral Tenets lifestyle, which encourages people to consume raw animal parts, such as the pancreas, the heart and kidneys.

According to the lawsuit, which has been seen by the New York Post: "Liver King persuaded millions of consumers to adhere to, or abide by, the Eat Tenet by repeatedly making representations to consumers that his near-perfect physique, and optimal health, were solely attributable to his adoption of the Ancestral Tenets, predominantly the Eat Tenet."

LADbible has contacted Liver King for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: liverking/Instagram

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