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Logan Paul says he nearly died in a 'horrifying' accident with his girlfriend

Logan Paul says he nearly died in a 'horrifying' accident with his girlfriend

The YouTuber thought it was the end.

Logan Paul has revealed that he almost died in a 'horrifying' accident.

The YouTube sensation opened up about a trip he recently took with his girlfriend, which did not go according to plan.

Speaking on his Impaulsive podcast, the 27-year-old said he made a major error of judgement while he was out driving.

Paul had gone up to the ranch to spend some 'father-son' time with his dad, and while there he took the opportunity to take his girl for a spin in one of his dune buggies.

Like a lot of young lads who get behind the wheel, Paul felt the need to go fast. Incredibly fast. And it did not end well.

Despite promising his girlfriend that he would be sensible, he admitted that he massively misjudged the roads.

Have a listen below:

Recalling the drive, Paul said: "We were at the ranch, a little getaway in LA. I managed to go up to the ranch - first time I'd been up there in a couple of years. Yeah, it's bad."

"I got to see my dad, who I hadn't seen in a while, reconnected with him, had some really cool father-son moments.

"Anyways, we’re driving the razor, Polaris RZR, off-road four-wheel dune buggy. I love these things. The two-seaters, though, are a little dangerous.

"And I say that because pretty much everyone who’s ever driven it flips. Except me, because I’m very good at driving these things. Or so I thought."

Moment after his partner asked him to drive carefully, the young couple were doing cartwheels in the buggy.

Paul went on: "Sure enough, not four minutes from saying that, we are upside down in the f*****g razor. I flipped that s**t."

"I was going too fast, I tried to go around a turn, I slammed the brakes too hard, I couldn't go straight, and we rolled the Razor, we rolled the Razor. Not flipped, rolled. We rolled the f**king Razor.

Logan Paul says he almost died in a 'horrifying' accident.
Image Press Agency/Alamy

"It was horrifying, and we knew I was going too fast. I hadn’t driven it in awhile, it had just rained, the roads weren’t to be trusted.

"I hadn’t been there in a while, so the roads had eroded in a way I wasn’t familiar with. It was really bad."

Fortunately, the both of them were fine, though I imagine the ride home was a little frosty.

Paul added: "There was music playing. F**king Post Malone ‘Rich & Sad’ was the song that was playing that I almost died to!"

Malone was also in a spot of bother himself recently, when he injured himself at one of his gigs.

The singer was performing his song ‘Circles’ on a platform which had been stretchered out from the stage to the centre when the floor suddenly gave way beneath him.

One of his legs fell straight through the stage and Malone crashed to the floor along with it, smacking his torso against the platform in the process.

Featured Image Credit: Reuters/Alamy Instagram/Nina Agdal

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