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The Island Boys Storm Off Logan Paul's Podcast After Heated Discussion

The Island Boys Storm Off Logan Paul's Podcast After Heated Discussion

They say never meet your heroes, and that was the case for George Janko when he upset the Island Boys.

The Island Boys have been trending online again after they had a bust up with one of the hosts of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. 

The Floridian twins, 20, sat down with Logan Paul, Mike Majlak and George Janko to discuss their viral fame, releasing their first official music video, and address the recent news that they were booed off stage.

During the interview, Logan Paul asked the young rappers what would happen if their music careers didn’t work out. He said: “Boys, what if it doesn’t work out? And now you’ve just got this hair and these face tats?”

“We had this before,” said one of the brothers.

“People been saying this before… when I was 18-years-old living in the middle of Palm Beach in the ghetto and, you know, people doubted me. It was worse back then. It wasn’t even people telling me, ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’ people were jus f*****g walking away from me,” said Alex.

“Do you think there’s still doubt in you?” asked Logan.

Island Boys appear on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast. (

“I prove people wrong. I prove a lot of people wrong,” said Alex. “But now there’s gonna be a whole new wave of people that just came in and wanna, you know, want me to prove - “

“By the way, we’re the only ones in Palm Beach County that got permanent Johnny Dang teeth,” the other chimed in.

“You should hit up Guinness Book of World Records,” said Logan, sarcastically.

At this point, it turned frosty when George Janko tried to defend the boys from Logan and Mike’s grilling by saying, “I think, God forbid if it doesn’t go in your guys' direction, for real, I think you guys take all of your jewellery assets and invest in something. So you guys will never ever be broke again,” he explained. 

“Jewellery can’t be worth that much man,” Mike interrupted. “I don’t think you’re gonna flip that into retirement.”

The debate went back and forth between Mike and George before the twins then got angry and said “we don’t need financial advice.”

“Let me tell you something,” said Frankie.

“George, stop talking,” said Alex.

“Wait, that was for you guys,” said George, taking offence. “That wasn’t like a hate shot,” he said. 

“I don’t need financial advice,” said Alex

“But that was me being nice, that wasn’t me being like an a*****e,” George insisted. “I could be an a*****e, I could turn it up and be an a*****e,” George said. 

“Be an a*****e, it’s not gonna work in your favour,” said Frankie.

“No it could go in my favour,” said George. 

“You really don’t wanna go there bro,” said Frankie.

“I could go there, because I was giving you guys advice and you’re being a******s.”

At this point Logan said, “Hey George, keep talking and they’ll walk off,” trying to diffuse the situation and carry on with the interview. But this didn’t help things. 

“So what’re you tryna’ say,” asked Frankie.

“I’m just saying, you guys are throwing a lot of threats and I’m sitting right here,” said George. 

“Nobody’s threatening you,” replied Frankie.

Some bickering went on and then Alex removed his headphones and stood up to walk out. Frankie followed. Annoyed with the lads, George offered to move the table out the way for them so they could walk off. 

Logan and Mike agreed that George was just trying to offer some helpful advice, but Logan joked, “you f****d up George. Our first guests to walk.”

“You dumba**,” said Mike.

Off camera, the Island Boys can be heard talking to the producers and saying they’re willing to go back on if George comes off.

The boys then come back into frame and continue arguing with George. “I told you, end it already [referring to the discussion about if their music didn’t work out] and you didn’t end it.”

You can watch the clip below.

The hosts discussed the heated conversation for a minute, with Logan saying it was his question in the first place and Mike agreeing that George “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Logan and Mike then laughed at the irony that George is a huge fan of the Island Boys and was so excited when he found out the were coming on the show.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Impaulsive

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