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Cletus, Lucifer, Boomquifa and Elizabreath listed as some of the 'worst' names a baby can be given

Cletus, Lucifer, Boomquifa and Elizabreath listed as some of the 'worst' names a baby can be given

The list caused quite the stir on the internet.

A parenting site has revealed the most unpopular baby names and caused quite a stir on the internet.

The parenting blog ‘Emma’s Diary’, which provides parental and pregnancy advice, released the most unpopular baby names, with ‘Cletus, Danger, L’Oreal Boomquifa, Elizabreath and Spartacus’ on the list.

If you had some parents who were getting quite creative with the baby naming, you might want to turn away for this one.

Ahead of listing off the names, they wrote: “We have put together a list of what some may think are the worst names you could call your baby, but, remember; if you love a name then it doesn’t matter what we think.

“This list is meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun and no offence is intended.

"If you love a certain name, then you should use it and forget about what anyone else may think.”

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Listed in alphabetical order, Aliviyah, Apple, Appaloosa and Arabella are among the first few. 

There was also Inspektor, Jedi, Anous, Champ, Beberly, Chardonnay, and Vejonica.

The blog also listed 'Any’, as in, did those parents have ANY awareness of how that child would be bullied at school?

While some names are self-explanatory, the list also included some common baby names we were pretty shocked to see.

They wrote: “‘Flora’ - who wants to be named after a butter?”

I mean, sure, when you put it like that.

‘Tracy’ was also included as the blog insisted ‘Baby Tracey just doesn’t work’.

And while it might work for a successful '90s TV sitcom, ‘Chandler’ was also added.

Some other names that you might be surprised to hear were ‘Justin’, ‘Jax’, ‘Sonny’, and 'Lana'.

As a list began circling the internet, it left many Facebook users divided.

One person wrote: “My baby boy Spartacus was NOT a bad name thankyou!.”

Another shared: “I just can't believe that anyone in their right mind would call their child one of these names.”

A third person commented: “Makes you wonder what they're thinking - obviously don't think of when the child gets older and goes to day care/kinder/school as some kids can be so cruel.”

While another said: “Lucifer is a beautiful name. The rest not so much.”

I mean, you try being named after the devil himself.

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