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Woman shocked after luggage is returned half a year after she went on holiday

Woman shocked after luggage is returned half a year after she went on holiday

She had to spend the two-week holiday wearing ill-fitting clothing from a market

A woman was stunned to find her luggage on her doorstep almost half a year after she lost it on holiday.

Sian Armour, from Fife, Scotland, went on a five-star trip to Dalaman, Turkey, back in July, but the luxury getaway was marred by the loss of her suitcase.

Upon her return, the scientist spent weeks continually calling and even tweeted the chief executive; however, there was no sign of the baggage.

Merry Christmas.
Sian Armour

"I had given up on my luggage so when it appeared on my doorstep on Monday I was in disbelief," she told the BBC. said the bag turned up at Edinburgh Airport and they didn't know what had happened to it - although tags showed it had been on a trip of its own to Germany, visiting Munich via Frankfurt.

While of course late is better than never, the damage was done on the holiday, where Sian had to buy ill-fitting clothes from a market to wear for the duration of their stay.

The 42-year-old said: "When we realised my luggage was missing the rep put me in a taxi to a very cheap market and told me not to spend more than £100.

"There were no shoes my size so I had to wear flip flops and jelly shoes that were both two sizes too small.

"I ended up buying kids clothes in order to find things that fitted.

"It was so embarrassing going for dinner each night in a five-star resort when all the ladies were wearing dresses and heels and I had a vest and flip flops on, it was absolutely terrible."

She had to wear children's clothes from a market.
Sian Armour has agreed to pay £1,436 in compensation to cover the cost of replacement items, though Sian feels this doesn't make up for the impact it had on her holiday.

She said: "I spent three days in total in shopping malls and markets buying clothes and sun cream and all the things we needed when I should have been at the pool.

"I was gutted about the situation but I tried not to let it show to my husband and daughter."

A pre-booked trip along a gorge to a waterfall was also less than ideal.

"They told us we needed water shoes for the trip so I bought some in the UK to take," she explained. "They were in my suitcase.

"We were advised not to wear flip flops so that's when I bought jelly shoes out there but they only had a size six and I'm a size eight.

"I was very uncomfortable in them and the soles were so thin I could feel every stone I walked over."

A spokesperson told the BBC: "Our teams always do everything they can to look after customers, and we have continued to assist Ms Armour. We can confirm that Ms Armour has now been reunited with her luggage."

Featured Image Credit: Sian Armour

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