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Male escort says his dad bod earns him $10k a month

Male escort says his dad bod earns him $10k a month

Almost a quarter of his clients are married women.

A male escort and proud owner of a dad bod has revealed how it helps him make £10K a month.

Samuel Hunter, who is based in Sydney, explained that his physique typically attracts female clients over the age of 35 - the majority of whom are repeat customers.

He said he typically sees seven women - aged between 23 and 70 - a month for meetings.

Hunter told Daily Mail Australia: "At any time I have between three and ten regulars, the only ones who aren't are couples who just want to try something as a one-off."

"I've got a dad bod, so most women that like me are 35 or older," he added.

He said that most of his customers find him on his detailed website, which explains the services he offers and features a number of testimonials from happy clients.

For $600, clients can expect to enjoy Hunter's company for two hours, but the price is reduced slightly for longer meetings, and he charges $900 for his four-hour 'tease and please' package, which offers 'equal parts social and play time'.

He also said that a quarter of his female customers were married. However, despite this, he said there has never been any trouble.

While some escorts are booked only for companionship, Hunter said that the majority of his clients want 'play time'.

"My clients get the best version of myself. They don't get the guy that sits around drinking coffee and looking at my phone all morning. And I get the best version of them too, which you don't see in relationships."

Hunter said his clients get the best version of him.
Twitter / Samuel_Hunter_

He explained that he was inspired to get into the industry through the charity Touching Base, which helps disabled people access escorts.

Hunter himself works with a lot of disabled clients and said they account for almost half of his repeat customers.

"It kind of built up to my mind about whether or not I could do it, but it's been two years now and it's all I do," the escort said.

He also explained that his work is very different from female sex workers' as he only sees one client a day, whereas women, he claims, can see multiple.

"Women tend to get booked for shorter amounts of time, whereas most of my bookings are for a few hours or overnight," he added.

Hunter's life as a male escort is a luxurious one and, as well as a handsome monthly wage, he is often treated to lavish trips by his clients.

His latest 'glamorous' trip was to Phuket, Thailand back in July.

So, if you're ever feeling self conscious of your dad bod, just know that it's something that some people will pay a lot of money to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: @Samuel_Hunter_/Twitter

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