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Man announces to whole street there is 'a grass amongst us' to weed out neighbour

Man announces to whole street there is 'a grass amongst us' to weed out neighbour

One man didn't take too kindly about a noise complaint which his neighbour made about him.

One man angrily proclaimed there is ‘a grass amongst us’ in an epic video that is doing the rounds on Twitter. Watch the clip here:

The video, which was shared on Twitter by user @_steve_0, shows how the man climbed up on step ladder and took upon a town-crier type role as he addressed the neighbours in his back garden.

His voice has a loud booming quality which surely would’ve been heard across the street, with his words resonating to the unfortunate soul who made a noise complaint against him.

Here’s what he said, which includes some rather fruity language to say the least: “To the nosey neighbour that likes to send emails to the council about making noise, please ignore the last message.

“If you are the nosey neighbour that likes to send anonymous emails to the council, get your fucking facts right!

I've never played house music in my life. Better still, go f*** yourself and f*** your grandmother! B******* to you!

“To the rest of my neighbours, if you'd like to have a party on the green on Saturday, I'll play for it. Just a remember, there's a grass amongst us!

It’s safe to say that the neighbour who made the complaint won’t be invited to the party on the green!

What’s interesting to note though is that the man objected to the fact that he played house music, something which he strongly refutes.

We’ll probably never know what the genre actually was, Maybe it was a classical number from Beethoven or one of ABBA’s greatest hits? It could’ve been anything.

The clip on social media has garnered plenty of hilarious reactions, including those which compare his voice to that of Peaky Blinders character Alfie Solomons, played by Tom Hardy.

Another was perhaps understandably sceptical that the man would be a perfectly quiet neighbour who wouldn't make any noise, given how far his voice travels.

Meanwhile, someone claimed the video would be even funnier if his neighbours got up on their own ladders and answered him! Can you imagine it? The man’s neighbours digging out the grass amongst them!

It all makes you think twice before sending a passive-aggressive anonymous email to the council about a noise complaint, doesn’t it?

But anyway, after all of that, But after all of that, one thing we all want to know is: when’s the party on the green?

Featured Image Credit: @_steve_0/Twitter

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