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Man Loses £50,000 On Price Of His Flat After Toilets Built In Front Of It

Man Loses £50,000 On Price Of His Flat After Toilets Built In Front Of It

Mr Johnston moved into the property a decade ago

A pensioner says he is unable to sell his home after toilets were erected just a few metres away.

James Johnston was over the moon when he moved into his flat overlooking the beach at Bognor Regis, Sussex, 10 years ago.

At the time, his balcony had a stunning view, with only a small foreshore office in his way, which he hardly noticed.

However, after that was taken down, it was quickly replaced by a toilet block. And now, the 87-year-old says it's taken £50,000 off the value of his flat.

He told Sussex World: "It’s ridiculous. It [foreshore office] was part and parcel with the prom. You didn’t really think about it.

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"You knew the foreshore office was there, but at least it fit in with everything else. [The toilets] don’t match anything.

"It’s a horrible building."

Mr Johnston and other residents did object to the toilet block at the time, but they were unsuccessful.

And now, he is trying and struggling to sell his home.

"Henry Adams (the estate agents) first put the flat up for £400,000," he said.

"They’ve now asked me to bring it down to £350,000. That’s a £50,000 difference."

Estate agent Gail Chisham is working with Mr Johnston to try and sell his flat, but she says it's proving incredibly difficult, despite having shown 18 potential buyers around.

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She said: "We just cannot sell it. We had two viewings over the weekend, and they love the flat. They love everything about it, it’s a luxury apartment. But then they get to the sitting room and say 'I couldn’t live here'.

She added: "No matter what the price is, I just don’t think we will find a buyer."

The toilet block was erected and is maintained by Arun District Council.

A spokesperson for the council said residents such as Mr Johnston were given the opportunity to object during the planning stage.

They said: "These essential public facilities have been constructed in full compliance with the planning consent granted."

LADbible has contacted Arun District Council for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Google Street View

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