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Man shocked after spotting ‘huge neck’ on Loch Ness

Man shocked after spotting ‘huge neck’ on Loch Ness

Could it be?

For decades, man has wondered what lies beneath the surface of Loch Ness.

Is there a slimy serpent-like creature hiding under the water or is it an elaborate hoax? Well, according to John Payne, from North Wales, the monster is very much real.

The holidaymaker was enjoying a little trip to Scotland when he spotted something in the great lake.

While looking out of his window, the 55-year-old noticed some strange movement on the water.

Thinking quickly, the dad-of-three quickly grabbed his camera and got a few snaps, which appear to show a mysterious shape on the surface.

"I was looking out at the scenery from the window and this huge thing just appeared out of nowhere," said John.

John was enjoying a trip to Scotland when he spotted the mythical creature.

“I tried to get a picture but it was gone and then it popped up again further down the loch.

“I took another picture and then zoomed in on my camera in and waited to see if it would appear again and it did.

“It must have been something very large because we were about a mile away from the loch and I could see it clearly.

“You wouldn’t have been able to see a bird or anything from that far away – it had to be something large. It was like a huge neck.

“At first I thought it was a giant fin, but I know there are no dolphin or porpoises in the loch so I was thinking what the hell is this thing.

“It wasn’t like it was tied to anything, like a buoy, because it kept moving further away."

John was stopping at Foyers Roost guest house on 9 April when he saw what he thinks was Nessie.

After getting a few photos of the sighting, he went down to the loch later the same day but said the creature was nowhere to be seen.

Is that Nessie?

"I showed some people at the hotel and they were all really shocked," John said. "It all happened so quickly, it was only there for maybe two minutes.

“I went down to the loch later that day but I couldn’t see anything. I looked at other Nessie pictures and these do look similar to it.”

John's sighting comes after the mythical creature was apparently spotted off the coast of England.

Confused onlookers in Clevedon, a seaside town in Somerset, were surprised to spot what they thought looked like Nessie paddling around in the water near the Victorian pier at the weekend.

The supposed creature, thought to measure several feet long, was photographed by a number of people as they attempted to figure out what it was.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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